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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lap stand and Baby AJ's quilt

Picture from Jack Dempsey Needle Art

I am working on this project right now. Baby AJ finally got here and it still isn't done. But I am still working on it. I got a lap stand which was kinda pricey but will worth it once I got used to it. I have the 7"/10" but am really wanting to get the 10"/12". I waited and got a 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby since it was so expensive. It made it easier to buy but I was still wondering if I had just wasted a chunk of change on a set of hoops that I wouldn't use. I love then and wouldn't trade these hoops for anything. They snap together in seconds and separate for easy storage and travel. I have a bag with me at all times that has something for me to be stitching on. I have used the hoop on tea towels, the quilt above but haven't gotten to use it yet on cross stitch. But I am off the subject!!!

I am working on this for little AJ I can't wait to get it done and am still deciding which color fabric to use for the backing. Her room is yellow so I am nixing the yellow that I had been thinking of. Maybe a light purple? We will see. I just finished all my stuff for Christmas so I can pick this back up again and start working on it. I have the dragon fly in the top left done, the hearts on the top right, all of the yellow is stitched and I am starting on the flower that is in the top middle. Maybe I will get a lot of time to just stitch over the next couple of days!!! A girl can wish!!!!

Have a safe new years!!!

Spicy Olives

I know that everyone is rushing around trying to find stuff for New Years Eve parties and I thought that I might help just a little bit. I got this recipe from an ex-family member but I always loved this at the holidays. I am not the biggest fan of green olives but enjoy the recipe. Now black olives I can open a can and eat the whole can in one sitting love them dearly.

Now buy everything to make a couple of batches and sit down and enjoy! And remember to SHARE!!!!

Spicy Olives
1-7 oz. jar olives
½ cup tomato juice
1 Tbsp olive oil
½ tsp crushed red pepper
2 garlic cloves, minced
½ tsp dried basil
½ tsp dried oregano

Drain olives of juice. Return to jar. Combine remaining ingredients in a small bowl and pour over olives. Refrigerate 3-10 days.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day after Christmas

This was me the day after Christmas.... This was Lilly the day after Christmas. She is my in-laws dog. I had been outside playing in the snow with L and B and their mom. We had been up late Christmas night, getting home at midnight and then up by 6 the next morning. I was absolutely wore out and was sitting on the couch watching the news. Can't you tell???? I was doing a good job watching the news! :) Lilly loves to cuddle with me when I am over there. In fact, she gets so excited that she can piddle when I walk in!!!! It is a wonderful feeling to have a dog laying on your lap and it makes me take a nap every time! It is just an ongoing joke that if we are watching a movie and I cover up I am gone. I will be asleep within a few minutes. Now that they have the dog it is worse, I don't even need a blanket! This was how I spent the day after Christmas. Although us girls did decide to venture out at 9 pm and go to Walmart. I was fun being able to just take our time. I love Eeyore and they had pants and a cute sleep shirt that I HAD to buy! Hope your Christmas was safe and fun.

new banner

My new picture for the top of the post was taken Christmas morning by my wonderful father-in-law! We woke up to about 10 inches of snow and drifts from the 10 inches to 5 foot in places. We had fun driving around, going to the places that were on our list. We saw many cars who were in the ditches. Luckily no one was hurt. L and B loved the fact that we woke up to know on Christmas. We played in it yesterday and had so much fun! Once again, thanks to my father-in-law!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blizzard 2009

The beautiful front yard!!
Pure, untouched snow.

Sasha trying to decide if she is liking it.

Roxy getting ready to take off running.

Last night being Christmas eve we were back and forth between family and the snow didn’t stop us!!! We were at my in-laws and L comes up to me and says “Ya Ya, I need your help.” She takes me by the hand and leads me back to the play room. She said “Ya Ya, I need you to get two cots for you and Matt to sleep on.” I cracked up laughing and tried to explain to her that we were sleeping on the blowup mattress and that we would get it out in a little bit. We needed to run home to let our dogs out so we were getting ready to leave and I crouched down and told her that we were running to our house and we would be back but she needed to go ahead and go to bed so that Santa could come. She grabbed onto my hands and said “But Ya Ya!!!! You and Matt have to sleep here so I can come and get you up!” I told her that we would be back and explained that Roxy and Sasha needed to get out and go potty. She understood that then and let us run home so we ventured out into the blizzard.

Blizzard was an understatement. We live 3 ¼ miles from one set of in-laws. It took us a full 10 minutes to get home and getting back was worse. Matt couldn’t see the road so we were “team driving” I could see where the snow was blowing and gathering at the side so I was telling him how close he was to the edge and that is how we got back. We were glad that we were somewhere to stay so we broke open the hard apple cider that I had bought at the liquor store and got started putting stuff together. L got a doll house, dolls and B got a trike, a talking Thomas the train and a table that was a road to drive cars on.

L left a note for Santa : Reindeer love carrots and Santa loves cookies and milk. She left cookies, milk, a bowl of carrots and a bowl of water. (She said that the reindeer needed something to drink.) Santa replied: L, thank you so much for the cookies and milk. The reindeer liked the carrots and needed a drink. Santa.

We spent the night there and at 5 o’clock this morning our bedroom door was flung open and we heard “Matt, Ya Ya, Santa was here!!!!” So we got up and went to look and see what Santa brought (speaking of, my fingers are still hurting from pushing all those brads in!!! ) and then got down to the business of opening gifts. B opened one gift that was an Old Navy zip up hoodie and when his mom asked him if he liked it he was quick to answer no, shaking his head. Matt’s dad made the most wonderful French toast and then we plowed our way home. As soon as the girls got outside Roxy ran around loving the snow and Sasha wanted to run right back inside. They did play a little and enjoyed the snow and now we are sitting in the warm house, enjoying the time to rest. I just made rolls (they rose last night) and am getting ready to start stitching for a little bit! Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and enjoys the time with their families. Remember the reason for this time off is not because of Santa, it is because a little baby was sent here for us....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve

Ya'll better hurry, crawl into bed and asleep. Santa will be coming soon! And if you hear the tapping and dancing of the reindeer hoofs, it is best to just to roll over and go back to sleep!

Blizzard Warning??????

I just got a text from the weather channel and we are under a blizzard warning. In Oklahoma.... A blizzard warning.... What in the world?????? It is raining pretty heavy here but not snowing or sleeting yet. Hope that you all have a great day and a safe day.

I am sitting here watching Julie & Julia and it is such a great movie. I am loving it so much!!! I love to cook and this is inspiring me. But getting Matt to eat some of this stuff might be hard! But you never know!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas blues

Christmas presents bought - check
Christmas presents made - almost check
presents wrapped - look at above, almost check
Attitude adjusted - getting there....

I love Christmas time but I hate the running. It always seems that I end up crying on Christmas day and Matt is having to tell me to calm down and just enjoy it. When we first met we had fours days of Christmas ( no joke ) since he had great grandparents still living. It was hurry hurry hurry and then you are supposed to relax. Over the years he has lost all his great grandparents so it is slowing down but still seems crazy. We go to one side of his family around 6 Christmas eve, then to the other side of the family around 9ish then back to the in-laws to help put gifts together. We are figuring that the kids will be up by 3 am opening gifts (that is B's normal time to get up it seems) and then we can go back to bed, in our own bed with the girls. We have lunch at his Mema's and then (hopefully) to Kansas for dinner with Farris and Kathy. It is just a super busy schedule and it never feels like we can sit and just enjoy everything.

Just remember that all those who are running around WANT to stay longer but the schedule may not allow it. We are running around a couple more years and then when we have kids we are going to slow down a bit.


I got to see Brandy, Chris and the new little one last night. She is so precious and small. She has these long skinny legs and these active arms are going constantly. I got to hold my precious little niece and she is so precious. We talked about how she is eating like a little pig and how thankful we all are that everything went well. Like I said before though, it makes me think of how much we are wanting to wait but how much I can't wait to have a little one like that!!! It is amazing that one week ago we were wondering when she was going to get here and we are able to hold her today. And then you think about the birthing process to get her here and it is all just so amazing! If there is any advice or just words of encouragement to send to my friend post them here and I will make sure that they get passed on to her!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby fever????

We went and visited AJ, Brandy and Chris on Saturday and little AJ is so precious. She has her momma's chin and maybe her dad's nose. Brandy was lucky and her labor lasted all of 10 minutes. I am serious, 10 minutes!!!! I sat and held her for almost a couple of hours and she is just so beautiful. I love the smell of babies and she was no exception.

I have been around lots of babies or women who are pregnant and it is making me have baby fever!!! I have 3 semesters left of school and I want to be teaching for a year so it will be a little bit but it doesn't help the baby fever!!!! Hopefully I can play and take care of AJ and it won't be quite so bad! Can't wait to see her! Any advice for the baby fever from all of you out there?????

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby AJ is here!

AJ got here this morning at 3:40 am. She weighs 6 lbs 3 oz, 19 1/2 inches long and is beautiful. Everyone is doing good!!!! Happy Birthday AJ!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

cranberry salsa, jalapeno jelly, oh my eye!!!!

I have my last night of class for the semester and have been studying and doing last minute stuff like crazy. I am trying to round up enough stuff for a party and decided to take my jalapeno jelly to have with cream cheese, some fudge and was looking for something else. One of the girls at work had a cranberry salsa that was amazing so she called to get the recipe and gave it to us. I figured that that would be enough for me to bring so I was pumped about making it. I ran and got the stuff at Wal-mart and then walked off and forgot the green onions, cilantro and jalapenos so yesterday at 6:30 in the morning I realized that I had forgotten them and ran back in before work to grab them plus enough to make a double batch. We ate dinner with Matt's dad and step-mom so I was doing the finishing touches on homework stuff while they were playing Super Mario on the Wii ( great game) and when we got home I made the cranberry salsa. Put it in the cooler to chill and marinate together.

When I got up this morning I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get stuff together and I had an itch in my eye. Stupid me like the idiot busy woman that I am used my nail to scratch the rim of my eye lid and kept going.... Until I was stopped dead in my tracks by this burning sensation and started yelling "my eye is burning, my eye is burning!!!!" My poor confused husband jumped up trying to figure out what the heck was going on. (Did I mention that when I seeded the 4 jalapenos for the salsa that I was in such a hurry that I didn't wear gloves????? And although I washed my hands like four times apparently there was still some oil on my nails??????) I was jumping around, running for the saline for my contacts in the bathroom and trying to rinse my eyes out. My husband was laughing at me once I could get out what was going on and when he saw that I was okay.

So the end of this story is..... I am going to give you the recipe for the cranberry salsa. I am going to put it over cream cheese but I keep thinking that it would be good over chicken or pork... or turkey.... or anything!!!! Just one thing to keep in mind- be smart not an idiot like myself and wear gloves to do ANYTHING with peppers!!! Okay, now that that is out of the way, here is the recipe!!!

Cranberry Salsa

2 cans of whole cranberries (chopped or blended)
¼ cup green onions chopped (about 2)
2 small jalapenos chopped and seeded
½ cup sugar (or a little less)
¼ cup cilantro leaves chopped
1 tbsp ginger powder
2 tbsp lemon juice

Mix together and chill for 4 hours. Covers 3 blocks of cream cheese.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Miranda Lambert and a fun weekend

This weekend was very exciting. I found out that the freezer door has been open so I made a BIG pot of chili last night. It was super yummy... I did nine loads of laundry, normal housework stuff, worked on some Christmas gifts and on Saturday we went to the Miranda Lambert concert!!!!

I want to start this off by saying she is just a beautiful in person as she is on stage. And her voice is amazing. I hate going somewhere to watch someone, only to realize that the studio has done some MAJOR touching up on the voice. I was so pleased to see that this didn't happen with her. She started the show at exactly 8 pm and she rocked the house. We were right by the stage so I go within inches of her and was again pleased to realize that she is a normal size woman!!! YAY!!!!

I have always loved that she was very outspoken on certain issues and is just a normal girl. I will try and get a couple of clear blurry pictures up soon. If you are ever able to see her it is well worth the money. She is a small package that explodes when she hits the stage!!!
We went to the Park of Lights before the concert and got to see The Redneck Diva's light display. If you are anywhere in the area you should really try to get over there and see all the displays. And when you vote you should just put down Number ONE... That way you don't have to try and remember anything and yo will be voting for my favorite rednecks!!!
Speaking of my redneck friends, I had a dream that we went grocery shopping at Wal-mart together last night..... I don't really know what that means but I can only think that it is a good thing!
I have class tonight to review for a final and then I don't have to drive down until next Monday to take my final and then on Thursday to turn in my final and have a small class party!!!! I am ready for the break that will ensue... I taught my lesson and got a 45/50 and then got the results back on a five page paper that I wrote reviewing a Spanish text book. I have had this instructor in the past and she grades very hard so I was nervous about the results. I got them Thursday afternoon and was so excited about it.... 88% on it!!!!!! I was so excited about it!!!! I guess that is all that is going on for now! I am gonna go and finish another online class!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Writers Workshop - Dream Christmas

Mama Kat has a Writer's Workshop that is always so much fun! Head over there and check it out and join in!!!

The prompt that I choose was describe how you would celebrate the holidays if it was totally up to you and money was not a factor.

If money wasn't a factor I would take us all to Disney World. And I am being serious. I have gone once before and that is the best time of the year if you are from Oklahoma to go. I was wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts while my friends back home were wearing coats and layers of clothes. The other thing is that they have deals for that time of year. They don't want you to stay home and not do anything. Go there and spend your money!!!!

We would have to go to all the different parks but then I would want to also go deep sea fishing. Matt and I have always wanted to do this and it would be the perfect opportunity for us to do that. Killing two birds with one stone basically.

There is no telling what we will see because my wonderful husband doesn't want to fly. He enjoys driving. Let me say that again. He enjoys it when he can sit in the passenger side and no have to do anything when we get into heavy city traffic and not do anything. So there is no telling what else we might see!

What would you do for Christmas if money was no object?????

Head over to Mama Kats and check everything out!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I went to lunch at 1 and felt this stuff coming out of the sky..... but it was harder than rain. Didn't think much of it and ran to eat Charlie's Chicken for Matt's birthday and when we came out it was crazy... It was actually snowing!

Now in Oklahoma it can be called the first official snow as long as there are more than 10 snowflakes. And we had quite a bit more than that. For a few minutes we had quarter size snow flakes falling and they looked so beautiful.

We are running around to all the area casinos for Matt's birthday. So I am hoping that the rain/snow won't be coming down tonight and we can get this done! We always have fun and he always does good.

I have finished my two week thematic unit, written a five page book review over a Spanish book, am getting ready to teach a 45 minute lesson tomorrow night and am working on finishing an annotated bibliography with 16 sources... WHEW!!!!!!
I have two and a half weeks left of class and you have no idea how excited I am for that. Next semester is going to be even rougher but I have a wonderful husband who is learning to be patient with me. I over heard him saying to someone "it really has been a stressful semester for her but she is handling it really well." It made me feel good to hear him say that. Although he teases me and calls me a *career student* I know that he supports me in what I am doing.
I haven't gotten to go hunting since I have been spending all of my time doing the assignments above but Matt has been going. He really hasn't seen much. We have one more weekend of rifle season and this may be the first season that neither him or his grandpa get to shoot something down on that land. They have seen a few but are trying to build up the population so it has been hard to decide what to shoot. We have 3 deer in the freezer so that will be enough for us but it could be close still. I am getting ready to make a bunch of deer chili and freeze it so we have easy access when we are wanting some!
Matt has been swearing that AJ was going to come on his birthday. but I don't think that she will be coming. It will be close to his birthday so that will have to do!
Hope that we do good tonight!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Doe down

Matt shot a 95 lb. doe last night and she was beautiful. It was too dark to get a good picture but you will have to trust me!!! We will need maybe one more deer and then anything else we will donate to the shelter here in town. Our freezer will be full and I am so excited. We fixed a bunch a deer steak, floured and fried. Mmmmmmm... They are good anytime of the day. I had eggs and steak for breakfast and honestly they are good for a snack too.

So I hit Walmart for the Black Friday sale and it was crazy. There were more people than I have ever before. I got one of the flash drives that I wanted, a $2 Pyrex casserole dish, five movies and then I hit the baby clothes for AJ. I got the cutest little outfit and I can't wait til she is here. Maybe she will take away that baby fever for a little bit!!! (Three more semesters!!!!)

Speaking of AJ, she is due in a little less than 2 weeks! I can't wait to hold that little precious baby girl. I am hoping that Brandy's labor goes like she wants it to and goes well. I know that whatever needs to be done she will do it so that her baby girl gets here safe and sound. I am so proud of her and how she is handling everything.

We are having Thanksgiving today with Matt's grandpa that has Alzheimer's. I am looking forward to spending time with the family but feel for his grandpa.

I am working on Christmas presents and have finished one totally and then half of two others. In between school and everything else I am running short on time. I am trying to get all sorts of stuff done today. I have a two week thematic unit that is due Dec. 3, a review of a Spanish book due Dec. 1 and a comparative paper. I also need to read for class Monday night and I am teaching a lesson on Thursday night..... So, I am going to wrap this up and get to doing homework. But one last thought to leave you with.....
Boomer Sooner!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Although the turkey didn't get away here in Oklahoma the deer sure did. A couple were seen but none were shot today.... Another day I guess. I made some sweet potatoes that so far are amazing, update on that later and Two coffee cakes. And they are amazing through and through! I hope everyone has a great day and is safe. Gobble Gobble 'til ya Wobble!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rifle Season in Oklahoma

Rifle season opens tomorrow and I am excited. Matt is hunting one place and I will be hunting another. His grandpa and him stay down near where they are hunting so I have the house to myself. I have made 10 jars of jalapeno jelly and am thinking about make another batch. The first was green and I am thinking red for the second. I do need to get to bed but am excited about this jelly so..... I am also wanting to make salsa tomorrow and a big batch of chili. I have five bags of tomatoes frozen in the freezer just waiting to be turned into wonderful spicy salsa!!! I am hoping so get me a big buck tomorrow but we will see. Happy hunting to all those who are out tomorrow and be safe!!! Hopefully I will have some pictures!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Writers Workshop: Destructive Pets

This is a part of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. It is the most fun and you really should jump over and check it out. We always have tons of fun and learn all sorts of new stuff. There are five prompts to look at and chose one to write about. Or choose them all! Mine this week is......

Describe the most destructive thing your pet has done.

Meet my girls, Sasha and Roxy....

The little white miniature schnauzer is Sasha. She is 2 1/2 years old and she was picked out from birth. She weighs 12 lbs. The big white lab is Roxy. She just turned 2. She THINKS that she weighs 12 lbs but she actually weighs 85 lbs. That doesn't stop her from trying to sit on our laps though!

Which of these girls would be the destructive hellion in our home?

Is it the big gorgeous lab that loves to LAY on my love seat that is a rocker recliner???? (I am so worried that she is going to break this but isn't it hilarious to see? She has learned this from the little one who lays on the back of the couch.)

Or maybe it is the cute little one who loves to cuddle under a blanket while I am cross stitching...



I know that she looks innocent but you should see what she can do.

Although she is absolutely beautiful she is the one who is a destructive hellion in our home.

Now which story to tell......

Here she was trying to *help with the dishes*

Or there was the time..... I am going to let you in on TWO times she has been majorly destructive...

I came home early from work that night and was looking forward to relaxing for a bit... But that didn't happen at all! I walk in and Sasha gave herself away that she had done something. When she has done something wrong her ears lay flat and she hangs her head. She knows that she is in trouble! I walk through the house to let Roxy out of her kennel and realized what she had done...

My book bag is a messenger type bag that can handle my books for when I have two classes a night. A normal school book bag was too small for the books, binders, pencils, pens, stapler and all that other stuff that I need. I had set it by the desk that the computer and all my school stuff is on. The one thing that I didn't do was zip it up.

Big Big Big mistake. It was my first ever of course! It looked like it had snowed inside my house. She had pulled my small dictionary, my big binder, my book and some dividers to put in a binder out. The binder was okay, the dividers were demolished and she decided that she didn't like linguistics any more than I did... she tore the back cover off and the last page - which are both charts that were important and something that I needed. She had also found a magazine and had demolished it as well, hence the snow....

I was running around my house, chasing my dog and yelling at her. She did the best thing that she could do and slipped out the door. About 5 minutes later, as I am trying to put things back together, she peeks her head around the door to look at me. Matt came home a few minutes later and didn't make the situation any better by laughing but at least he helped me clean it up and try to piece it back together.

I sent a message off the Roxanne (my lifesaver) and she loved the story but also said that she would make me a copy of the pages that I need. So I went to Wal-mart, got some red duct tape (it matched the intact front cover), and fixed my book. I have learned that she HAS to stay kenneled up and that makes all of us much happier in the long run...

But before I learned that hard lesson..... Here is story number two!!!

Matt went to pick up the box springs for our new bed that we were going to make. While he was doing that I ran to Joplin to get a set of sheets and the stain that we would need for the bed. I bought two quarts of stain and set it, still in the plastic bag, on the kitchen table. Didn't think a second thing about it.

I got up and went to work that Saturday morning and Matt was out hunting so Roxy was in our room in her kennel and Sasha had the run of the kitchen/dining and living room. I call Matt at a little before 11:00 to make sure he had gotten home to watch the OU game and he had. I asked him what he was doing and his exact words were "Cleaning up your dogs mess". A million different scenarios went through my head.... What had she gotten into now?????

Now I should say that Sasha is a nosy dog and loves to know everything that is going on. When I come home from the store and set the bags on the floor the first thing that she does is stick that nose inside the bag to see what is in there that she might like.

She also loves food. So if a bowl or bag is left in reach or to where she can jump up to (like the kitchen table or the kitchen counter) she will have it on the kitchen tile floor. She has grabbed a two pound loaf of homemade bread before, ate 1 pound and hid the other pound for later.So I am trying to figure out what she has knocked off.

-----She knocked the stain off----

------Ebony stain on my cream tile floor ------

Only one quart opened and luckily it wasn't shook up so Matt was able to clean it up except for the grout, which looks like I have black mold growing in it!!! I was so glad that she didn't get into and spread it all around. I would have cried then. The only thing we can figure is that she had just done it. She knew she was in trouble and ran outside and stayed out there until Matt was done!!!!! I was the one then who was laughing at Matt. We had friends coming over for a football party and to watch the game. They came in just as Matt was finishing up wiping it up. We only ruined one mop, three towels and Roxy's blanket. And of course the grout in the tile! It is looking better now and is *hardly* noticeable.

I love both of my girls and wouldn't trade them for the world but there are sometimes..... And then I look at them cuddled up next to me in the morning, or while I am cross stitching and I have one on each side of me, or when we are outside and they are looking at what Matt is doing while staying near me and taking care of me. Then I feel that puppy love that is so strong and wonderful. But..... They are both kenneled up when we leave every day. I love them but I am refusing to clean up any more *snow*, food, and messes out of the floor just 'cause my baby is nosy and bored!!!!

And then I get that lick on the cheek and the cuddling at night and forget about it for just a little bit!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Buck....Gone....

My morning started with a text from Matt at 6:45 this morning "He is big!" I then replied with a text saying "Shoot him!". His next text tells me that although he had him at 20 yards, he couldn't get a clean shot at him. I told him that it sucked that he couldn't and there is silence for a little while. Then the next text that comes in says " I mean big or bigger than ralphs". His grandpa has two deer that are on the wall that are nice size and beautiful deer. We want one on our wall so bad but it has to be the right one. I was driving to work when Matt called me on his way to work and all he kept talking about was the deer. He though that he had a good shooting line but wasn't for sure and it wasn't quite light enough. (We are in bow hunting season right now. The weather has been very cloudy and dreary.) Once it got light enough he saw that he did have a perfect line to shoot, not branches or twigs in the way. He is wishing that he would have taken the shot but is also glad that he didn't take a shot that he thought might be a bad shot. I really hope that he gets to see this deer again this year and who knows, maybe we will have one on the wall by this time next year! My husband would be the happiest hunter out there to get this deer. Hopefully I can have some pictures of him on the wall. Rifle season opens this weekend and I will be hunting on the land that he saw this deer on.... Maybe I can get the deer and it can be MY deer on the wall. A girl can always hope!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Near the end, near the Saviour

Mema is near the end and before long she will see the husband who has been gone for 17 years, she will see the mother who she misses dearly, she will see our Saviour. That is an amazing thought. Soon she will be seeing the creator of the earth..... Just please be sending up prayers for all those who are still left here, including Matt and I. We will miss her so much and there will always be a void but it will be an amazing time for her. We will be shedding tears but also rejoicing that her race is finished.... This song is what sums it up...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I went to check on Mema and she was laying there peacefully and wasn't even getting upset when they touched her. Which led me to believe that she was either doing really really good or really really bad. After my mother-in-law spoke with the doctor we found out some information. She is towards the end and her body is shutting down. Although I do feel sadness about this I am also relieved for her. I know that she had been wondering why she was still here and was tying to figure out what she was supposed to be doing. We have a week, give or take.

Matt and I were sitting there talking to her and she told us both that she loved us and missed us multiple times. I told her that I shot my first deer and her face lit up and she had a huge grin and asked me "Are you kidding". I told her that I wasn't and a little about my deer and she said "That's good". I am going to miss her when she is gone. I am also going to miss the fact that she loved me no matter what. But end the end we will know that this wonderful woman helped us through so many tribulations and in the end we were able to stand there beside her and help her through til the end....


Good Morning! I have had a busy last couple of days. I got most everything done on my list this weekend and am gong to try and have the rest done in the next couple of weeks. Although I am working late tonight I may come home and take a nap!

Mema is still the same. They are trying to manage pain right now but it is such a hopeless feeling. Whatever is God's will is going to happen, I just wish that she wasn't in pain.

We were out hunting this weekend and I saw a pretty little doe eating about 60-70 yards away and then saw a buck running full speed. Pretty soon I saw a doe running full speed and the buck right behind her. I had never seen a buck chasing before so it was a neat sight to see.

Hopefully I can get christmas lights on the outside of the house tomorrow......

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goals update.... Mema update....

Matt's great grandmother was put into the hospital yesterday and we spent the evening up there with her. I am hurting so much for her because she is hurting. She is in such pain and just doesn't know what is going on much. They have her on morphine but she is still saying she is huring, which is totally unlike her. She is one tough old bird. She is 94 years old and have lived a long life. I know that God has plans, I just wish she wouldn't have to suffer like this.

UPDATE: Finished #4 about 9 pm....
UPDATE: finished #6 & #7 at 5:15 I took a break to go eat lunch with Matt's Mom and Grandparents and it was a wonderful break. Now on to do #4!!!!!
UPDATE: Finished #3 at 11:45 pm

My school goals for this weekend (Friday to Sunday) are
1. weekend class (Friday and Saturday)
2. two week thematic unit
3. class observation paper from a Spanish class
4. read 100 pages for Monday nights class
5. create study guide for class discussion Monday
6. read 50 pages for Tuesday online class
7. post answers for Tuesday online class
8. book review of a Spanish text book
9. Do assignments for Monday's online class
10. Post to two discussion boards for online class

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is bound to be wonderful! I depend on my crock pot so much during school and it has so many uses! I save on my cooling bill during the summer by using it and save time during the winter. They are wonderful for any couple and I have given a few as wedding gifts! Run over and check her out on NOVEMBER 17!!!
I forgot to say that I had to do a Monday online class when I was Making my list!

My school goals for this weekend (Friday to Sunday) are
1. weekend class (Friday and Saturday)
2. two week thematic unit
3. class observation paper from a Spanish class
4. read 100 pages for Monday nights class
5. create study guide for class discussion Monday
6. read 50 pages for Tuesday online class
7. post answers for Tuesday online class
8. book review of a Spanish text book
9. Do assignments for Monday's online class
10. Post to two discussion boards for online class

This is what my list looks like now. (It makes me feel like I have accomplished something!)
My school goals for this weekend (Friday to Sunday) are
1. weekend class (Friday and Saturday)
2. two week thematic unit
3. class observation paper from a Spanish class
4. read 100 pages for Monday nights class
5. create study guide for class discussion Monday
6. read 50 pages for Tuesday online class
7. post answers for Tuesday online class
8. book review of a Spanish text book
9. Do assignments for Monday's online class
10. Post to two discussion boards for online class

This is exciting and makes me feel special! Ha ha! I am going to work on numbers 4 and 5 the rest of today....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some 10 or 11 week grumblings and ramblings....

I have about 6 weeks left of school ( hence the title) and it is hitting me hard. I am taking 11 hours this semester. That is on top of working full time at the day job, part time (around 10-15 hrs) at the night job and driving two nights a week to class. It takes me about an hour and a half to get to class and the same to get home. I have one night that I get home about midnight. I know that everyone else seems to be loving the time change but I am not digging it. I should be getting out of class at 10 but my body is telling me that it is 11..... Which makes it feel like 1 when I am getting home. And I forgot to figure in my time for homework, like the two week unit of lesson plans, complete with quizzes and tests.....

I did get enrolled for the next semester and will be taking 13 hours. I only have 3 more semesters left but it is all draggggggging on right now. I always get this way towards the end of the semester but this year it is seeming worse. Maybe getting older has something to do with it????

I am taking a weekend class and am excited about it but would love this weekend to do homework and crash. The rest would do me good but......

My school goals for this weekend (Friday to Sunday) are
1. weekend class (Friday and Saturday)
2. two week thematic unit
3. class observation paper from a spanish class.
4. read 100 pages for Monday nights class
5. create study guide for class discussion Monday
6. read 50 pages for Tuesday online class
7. post answers for Tuesday online class
8. book review of a spanish text book.

Items 2-8 will have to be done Saturday night or Sunday since I will be in ANOTHER class on Friday and Saturday.

This is making me really tired to think about all of this, maybe I should take a nap....
I will be thinking of you all enjoying your shows and normal activities while I am stuck in a book! *repeating the mantra* This will all be worth it in the end, this will all be worth it in the end....

Monday, November 2, 2009

My first deer! EVER!!!

I am a girl who loves to hunt. This year was the first year that I actually bought women's camo and the only reason I finally did that was because I started bow hunting this year. Thanksgiving get togethers are always worked around us having to be out in a tree stand Thanksgiving morning. I have been out hunting like crazy and have not gotten a deer yet. I had a doe six yards away from me and I wasn't able to get a shot.

We went out Friday night but it was so windy and nothing was moving. We decided to go to the same tree stand Sunday evening and got up in it about 4 pm. Driving to the stand we had already seen deer moving so we were a little worried about spooking some walking in. We got up in the stand and I was looking around and messing with my phone. I had updated my facebook account with a text and had sent out a tweet asking for everyone to keep me updated on the Minnesota-Green Bay game. So I had all sorts of wonderful friends like Bre keeping me updated on how the game was going.

I had sent a text out earlier to the wife of the guys land that we were hunting to see how he was feeling ( he had surgery on Tuesday). My phone started vibrating and I reached down to get it and happened to look to my left and saw a deer walking across the clearing. I was telling Matt to take my phone and trying to grab the muzzle loader. I got it up, the safety clicked off and was looking through the scope. When I adjusted my head the brim of my had hit the scope which kinda shoot me up slightly. Matt bleated and the deer stopped cold in its tracks and looked in our direction. I took a breath, centered and pulled the trigger. Smoke was in my line of vision so I couldn't see anything for a couple of seconds. When I looked up I saw the deer running back towards the timber with its tail down. and I immediately looked over at Matt and asked if the shot was good. I have confidence in my ability but still there is always that chance. Matt said that it had buckled and then took off running. We hear him running, a crash, get up and run and then crash again.

We waited 30 minutes and in that time I called his grandpa that we hunt with. I was whispering "Ralph, can you hear me?" The response I got was "HELLO! WHO IS THIS?" After repeating this a couple more times Matt tapped me and said "You have already shot, you can talk normal." I kinda looked at him and then realized he was right and carried on the conversation in my normal voice "Ralph, I shot a doe we haven't found her yet but I did shoot her and I was the one to see her first not Matt and we are going to wait for a few more minutes and then go get her.... *taking a deep breath* I am so excited!!!" He starts laughing at me 'cause I said all of the above in one run on sentence and didn't even stop to take a breath!

So as we were waiting I called a few more people, telling them I had shot a doe and then we got down. Walking over to where the deer was we did not see any blood at all but I told myself not to worry, that we would find some. Another 20 yards and we still hadn't seen any. We heard him crash so we knew that he was down so we spilt up and started looking. Matt calls me over, saying that he saw blood. But when I asked him where the blood was he just grinned. So I start looking and spot me deer. Resisting the urge to run over to him I walked over, poked him with my gun and then (quietly) squealed. "Matt, it's a buck look!!!!" We BOTH thought that it was a doe that I had shot but when we got over to him he had 5 inch spikes. I was even more ecstatic after finding that out.

We drug him out, field dressed him and took him to be checked in. As a side not. I DID field dress him myself and am not ashamed to say it. I may be a girl but I can still get my hands dirty. Matt figured that he would be right at 100 pounds field dressed and when he was put on the scales he weighed 95 pounds. I was as proud as could be!!

I have been wanting to get my first deer with a bow but wasn't going to pass up this opportunity it get my first deer. I am still on cloud nine and have made Matt laugh all day. I took my digital camera "just in case" so we got pictures so here is my first deer!!!!

Walking Stick

This is what I found by our front door Saturday afternoon. I can remember being little and seeing these things ALL the time. I saw one last year but this is the first that I saw this year. Matt said that while he was in his stand he had one sitting on his rail and saw a squirrel eating one the day before!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Matt's first deer of 2009

Matt got a doe yesterday with his muzzle loader. It was the first deer of the season of either of us. I was going to go but by the time that I would have gotten to my stand it would have been too late. Our friends have gone out and seen a few but nothing that has gotten close enough to shoot yet. I am hoping that everyone is having happy hunting if your season has started!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

baby gifts

I love making stuff for people and my friend Brandy is having a baby in a couple of months and we had a shower for her today. I got to work on making a few thing. I am also making a quilt but it isn't done quite yet. But here are some pictures of what I did make for her.

A pillow sampler that I made for little AJ that matches.......
I am absolutely in love with this. It can be made for a wedding sampler or a baby, like it is here. I love the attitude and the sparkle that the buttons give. I can make these fairly quick so if anyone is wanting one yell at me!!! I did blur out the last name but it is in the same pink that the first name is in. But you can see where it is and how it fits!

fall in oklahoma

Our first frost of the fall

Such beautiful colors

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deer Hunting

It is a nice drizzly day and it made think that I should update you on our hunts so far. Matt has seen quite a few but I had the stomach junk so I didn't get to go out this last weekend but I am planning on going out this weekend. It is the opening of muzzle loader season so I will have to wear orange to the stand but that is okay. I will have a blast still. We have some friends who have gotten deer. One friend in particular already has 3 so they are moving, we just aren't catching them at the right times yet. But we will! Happy hunting to all!

Writers Workshop

Mama Kat has a writer's workshop every week and have all sorts of interesting prompts. You should really go and check her out. This is the prompt that I chose this week....

Describe how you are hoping motherhood will change you?

If you are anyone who knows me you know the back story to this but I will tell everyone who doesn't know!!! I lost my mother when I was 6 years old. My dad remarried 8 months later and his new wife couldn't stand me and still can't. She wanted nothing more than to get me out of the house ( which she succeeded in 5ish years later). I then moved in with family members and although there were people around me I never had a true "mother".

When Matt and I would discuss kids I always have wanted them but I was scared of how I would be as a mother. My mother was wonderful and creative and always had fun with me. I went from that to someone who was abusive and mean. I was scared that I couldn't be like my mother and would be like my dad's second wife. After much talking and crying I have finally decided that I will not be HER. I am going to be my mother through and through.

The changes that I can hope motherhood will make in me is more patience, enjoying today more, not worrying that everything is perfect and the biggest one, learning to not live by a schedule and to go with the flow. I am a planner and get frustrated if everything doesn't go by plan. My husband is not that way so he doesn't understand what it is like. I am hoping that I can be like my mom and if it is nice out, we can go to the creek and play. I am trying to learn now how to change how I am thinking but it is sooooo hard sometimes!

I have a friend who will be a first time mom in a few short months and sometimes I am so envious of how laid back and relaxed she is with EVERYTHING. I am trying to learn that and I am sure that little Anna has alot to teach all of us and I can't wait to see her. I know that Brandy probably has some of the same fears as me. I know that there is the thought that everyone else can say " I will just call and ask mom" and neither one of us can do that. But there are people around who will help us and keep us standing upright through this time. I can't wait to see little Anna and know that Brandy is going to make a wonderful mother.

Relaxing and just being able to enjoy the moment without a plan in place is one of the things that I hope motherhood can change in me.


Head on over to Mama Kat's and see who else is writing over there!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SCOOP christmas card giveaway!!!

Head over to SCOOP for the giveaway. You have a chance to win some personalized christmas cards!!! I love finding stuff like this!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Genetic testing results and DEER HUNTING

First off this is my wonderful hubby and his fishing partner. A friend of ours who has mentored them had the shirts made for them and have a pink ribbon on the right lapel of these shirts. His wife has dealt with breast cancer and now is dealing with lung cancer and they know my family history. Tomorrow is the second day of the tournament at the end of the trail. Hope they do good tomorrow!!!

My genetic testing results came back..... And they were negative. That means that I don't have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. There are about 18 other genes that can cause the breast cancer so I will have to continue the preventative measures but I know that the two big genes aren't a factor.
Bow season opened up October 1st. I got to go out for the first time with Matt on October 3rd. They put me up in a tree stand and this was one that they hadn't seen any deer out of. In fact the guys stand that it was said that he thought there weren't any deer going there. I had been in my stand for probably 20 minutes and this doe comes in. She is 6 yards away from me!!! I sat watching her eat the corn for 15 minutes. When she had her head down I started to pull but she busted me about half way through my pull. She walked away but then came back towards me and stomped. I still was sitting there waiting. She walked back into some brush so I pulled back and waited but she went out a different way so I released my tension. I didn't think that she would come back but believe it or not she came back a third time. I never could get a good shot at her but just wait, I am going to keep trying to get a shot at her. She had some very distinct markings so I can't wait to get her! I will be shooting G5 Montec CS broadheads. Can't wait to see what they do when I get a shot!!!! I was very very upset that I didn't get to shoot her but Matt has just kept telling me that I was very lucky to get to see a deer my first night hunting, much less to get her 6 yards away. I am thankful that I did get to see her and I never want to take a bad shot. Lets just hope that I get to shoot one soon!!!!

Dove hunting 2009

First day of dove season! We all limited out!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Genetic Testing

So Monday is the big day. We are going to Tulsa to meet with the geneticist and start the process. They will counsel us, draw blood, get all the family history and send everything to the lab. I am feeling totally at peace and am ready to find out. I have found out that the testing will be made easier since a cousin has had the test I am able to use those results and they will be able to get the testing done a little quicker ( and hopefully cheaper) so we know what to do now. It should take a couple of weeks and then I should find out if I carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. We will then move on and figure out what to do. I am okay with either outcome and am just ready to be able to take some action. I would appreciate the thoughts and prayers going up. I am just praying that whatever should happen will happen. I know that after this there will be many choices and decisions to make. I will keep everyone updated and will tell ya'll what is going on!
Dove hunting opens up September 1st so I will be thinkin of ya while I am out shooting dove... I plan my vacation around hunting and we are gonna be setting up some tree stands while I am off and we have a couple of days together. Happy hunting to all of you who get to start your seasons!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Writers Workshop - Hi, My name is...

Hi, my name is Alisha and I am an empowered woman… I know most of you are saying “I know that you are a woman” but keep reading and you will understand. Outdoor Summit issued a challenge and I was more than willing to take them up on it. I found out about the challenge from a good friend Rick who tells a wonderful story about his friend. I had been reading about The Fat Cyclist and his wife's fight and then Mama Kat listed her prompts and everything just fell together! This is about breast cancer and bringing it to the forefront and making us all think about it once again...

Breast cancer has been a part of my life since I was a year old. Actually it was a part before I was born but we will start there. My mother found a lump when I was a year old and everything, for me at least, started there. My mother had a single mastectomy, among numerous other surgeries at the same time, and chemo. She was "cancer free" for a year before her hip started hurting. This whole time my mom continued as a nurse and was raising a small child. After doing some tests they found that it had metastasized into her bones. She refused the chemo at that time but once it was moving into other organ she did the chemo again. I have a friend of my mother's who told me the other day that *I* was the reason that she fought so hard. After 4 1/2 years my mother lost her battle but not without putting up a huge fight and impacting me in the process.
My grandmother (mothers mom) was diagnosed about4 years later and fought for two years. She lost her battle a year after my grandfather died of a massive heart attack.
My Aunt Teanne (mothers sister) was diagnosed and fought. She wanted to be able to last for me get married and she succeeded. She fought for a couple of years as well and passed a month after Matt and I got married. Although she didn't get to come to the wedding, her sons were there and I sent back many thoughts and prayers to her. She didn't tell us how bad she was and then I got a phone call all of a sudden that she was gone.
After looking at all these women in my family I took everything into consideration and started the procedures that I needed for early detection. I have mammograms every year, even though my insurance won't pay for it. We have kept me double covered with insurance so that if something does come up we can take care off it. I don't say that these things have been done easily, it has taken some commitment on our part and sacrifices. There are times that I am frustrated and worrying about money since we have had to spend it on insurance or paying the medical co-pays, but I always bring myself back to the big picture of prevention. I had an MRI done in April and was thankful that we had both insurances because we ended up after the fact with no out of pocket ( I got a check back from them).
In April, about the same time, I have a friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer. She beat breast cancer almost five years ago and now is faced with another battle. This spurred me to take further action and start looking up testing and prophylactic mastectomy options. I also was able to get my mother's medical records, after a short battle, and found out that My great grandmother on my mom's side had also had breast cancer. This makes it my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and an aunt. These are all on my Mother's side of the family.
I began talking with my Doctor I made a decision that some have questioned. I am having genetic testing done on August 31st. It could take up to two months to get results but I am excited about it. I am a planner so I have two plans of action in my mind of what we will do. Matt and I have sat down and talked about the different options and what we both feel comfortable with. We are going to look toward the future, with no fear, and plan for our life that we will build together. This is only made possible though through both of our strength and agreeing on the options. Early detection is the best key for taking care of the problem and I want to live to see my babies grow up. I want to see all the things that my mom didn't get to see. Opposition to my decision has said that I am playing God but why would we have this amazing technology if it wasn't for God????? I would appreciate any prayers that could go up in this time in our lives.

I have done the research and will not be another statistic, I will be me....

Head over to Mama Kat's and see what else is being said!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Buckmasters shooting competition

I have spoken about my new bow that I got about 6 months ago. I got it from Tempy's and they guys there are wonderful. They are competing today at the Buckmasters bow competition. I am excited and can't wait to hear how they have done. They are here, third row down, Rob Chubb and Tyler Chubb. We are all wishing them well. I will update you guys on how they are doing!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writers Workshop - My trip to the ER

My first and only time that I remember going to the ER was last September. I had been diagnosed as having pneumonia and bronchitis on Tuesday and had been off work. I decided that I was going to go back to work on Thursday--- wrong choice! I got short of breath needless to say, I went back home. I was driving home and Lisa called me to stop by her house. I stopped by and she had spoken to her doctor and had something for me to try. I did two breathing treatments and was still lethargic sitting on her couch. I went home, took my couch syrup and took a nap. We don't have a door bell so I was awakened by the girls barking and then realized there was banging on the door. I got up and went to the door and Lisa was standing there, saying "okay I am taking you into the ER". I had wore a dark color shirt and Roxy is white so I was trying to brush hair off of me. As we were driving in I found out that Matt, Lisa and Karen were all talking while I was napping deciding what to do about me. I got my bracelet sat waiting to be taken back. I finally got into the back and was laying down and then I heard it--Karen's voice.

Now I need to interject here some family history. Matt is my wonderful husband. Here's where it gets interesting!! Lisa is my mother in law. Karen is my mother in law. I know that you are going to read this a couple of times and start wondering. We are a conservative family so there is nothing too strange going on. My husband father has been married a few times and Karen was the first wife and Matt's mom and Lisa is the third. Alot of people wonder if we are sisters since she is five years older than myself. We have fun with it and that day was no exception.

So back to the story.... I am laying there and they decide to take me to get chest x-rays. The nice nurse who was wheeling me back asked me " Is that your mother and sister?" I kinda giggled and said " Actually they are both my mother in laws." I explained that Karen was Matt's mom and that Lisa was his present wife. I let this sink in while she was taking the x-ray. As she was wheeling me back I dropped the bombshell. "Today is my brother in laws first birthday." I actually got her stopped on that one! I then had to explain that I had a sister in law who was almost 4 and a brother in law who was turning one!!!! So when she got me back they waited for the x-ray and told me I was going to have to change meds and gave me a slew of prescriptions. I got chauffeured to Walgreen's and then home to sleep. But the funniest time of September 25, 2008 was explaining my husband's wonderful blended family!!!!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Hunting - Quality VS. Quantity

September 1st is the opening day for dove season here in Oklahoma and I am pumped. I plan my vacation around the season so that I can go hunt during that time and we have a blast. We have permission to hunt some fields that are close to the house and they are fields that aren't hunted much so we always seem to get a limit. We have another couple that we go out with and have a blast!

As I was looking over the regulations and just refreshing myself on what they were I got to thinking about our mentality towards wildlife. In Oklahoma you have a limit of 7 deer. I need to double check with Matt but between our archery season, primitive season, gun season and then a bonus holiday season we have a decent limit. The population in Oklahoma is thriving, almost too much, so they have increased some of the limits. But my question to us is although we can shoot that many deer, should we?

The first couple of years that Matt and I were married the only way that we lived was the fact that we had deer meat. We process the deer ourselves so our cost involved is the gas to drive, the ammo, paper to wrap the meat, and basically the time. We then take some and have it ground but we spend no more the whole season on what a person would spend on processing fees for one deer and this is multiple deer! We still cook with deer constantly and love the flavor as well as the fact that it is a lean healthy meat. I make jerky and chili in huge quantities and they never last long.

This is the question that I am looking at, with Matt and I both hunting we could shoot over a dozen deer. That seems a bit much to me. We have gotten to where we set a limit that we would like to reach between the two of us and hope that we reach it. I use the ground meat for anything that I would use ground beef. I cut the steak up and make some wonderful fajitas and have used the roast smoked before. We use every bit of meat that we can and are thankful for the deer. Society today has a mentality of "Gimme gimme gimme" and we always want more than what we really need. This is depleting out assets and is actually hurting the quality of deer.

Matt has set a standard of what he would like to shoot in his next buck. He wants a wall hanger for our house so won't shoot a buck unless it meets his standards. The reason that he is doing this though is to allow the population to grow and become those beautiful bucks that we all want to shoot. We hunt on land that his grandfather owns and they have shot what they needed for food in the past. We now know how much we need and set a limit for ourselves. They put corn in feeders and have been able to watch the population so they know what deer are where. There are a few bucks that are making amazing growth and changes in the last couple of years. I can't wait to see them continue to mature. Since I still haven't gotten to shoot a deer the boys are bit more lenient with me on what I can shoot. They both want me to get that first one down, but having to work the weekends like I do can make it hard and my vacation has to be taken all at once it limits my days. Matt takes days off specifically around hunting season. (It was a pain wonderful trying to figure out what days were okay for us to get married on!!!) This allows him more time in the woods than me but I will get that deer soon!

I am just wanting to bring it forward all our minds that in order for us to have the beautiful quality deer that we want we must watch our quantity that we take. This doesn't just go for deer either, this is for any hunting or fishing that we do. They must be allowed to grow and mature to be those wall hangers that we all want.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeff Bates was amazing!!!! & Deer Fajitas

First off, the concert Friday was amazing!!! I got to touch Jeff Bates twice!!! The show was wonderful and the crow was quite big. He sang a couple new songs and I can't wait until I can buy them. I finally got a shirt and a friend took it into the meet & greet and got it signed for me. I had such an amazing time and Matt was a good sport about it. I even got him home early enough for him to get some decent sleep before going fishing early in the morning!

After getting home we heard about a tragedy that happened in the community and talked about it for a while. The next morning I called Lisa and we talked for a while and then I got a phone call back from her. Matt's great grandma had fallen the night before and had been taken to the nursing home. No one had been notified though. I called his mother and then took off to go the 25 minute drive to get to the hospital. We found out that her son didn't fill out and return all the appropriate paperwork to the assisted living facility, so they had no contact numbers to call anyone on. This is the same son who is pushing everyone to get their stuff out so that they can sell the house. Needless to say, I was upset and Matt was as well. She has two black eyes, a big gash on her head, the left side is swollen and the blood is draining from the fall so it is going all down her face and neck. They are releasing her from the hospital and sending her back to the assisted living facility with some additional help. I know that the thought is hard but it is coming down to quantity vs. quality of life. I know where she is going and just hope for her that she doesn't have to suffer much longer. Some prayers sent up would be nice.
Last night I made some fajitas and they were so good! The only thing missing was deer. We always make our fajitas with deer but I didn't have any thawed so I picked up some chicken on the way home. Two bell peppers, one large onion (or two medium onions) and the meat of your choice. Throw some oil, water and a season packet and let it marinade. If you don't have a season packet throw in some salt, pepper, season salt and garlic powder. It is suppose to marinade for 15 minutes but I was running late on time so I threw everything in a pan and then sprinkled the seasonings over and threw a little bit of water in there. Cook for about 15ish minutes covered. Then serve up hot!!! I found a block of white cheese dip with jalapenos and that is what got this whole thing started! I had cheese dip, guac, salsa to have with chips and then the fajitas. Wonderful dinner and I can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

I don't wanna make ya jealous but......

I am going to see Jeff Bates tonight!!! He is part of the Honky Tonk Tailgate Party and we are gonna have a blast!!! Just wanted to let you know and I will be thinkin of you all!!! Like I said I really don't WANT to make you jealous but.....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop - How will I enjoy my last days of freedom (aka summer)?

How will I enjoy my last days of freedom (aka summer)? Well... I was absolutely pumped and thought that I wouldn't go back to college until August 24th. Then I got a phone call - I was told that a class that I was going to have on Tuesday nights was moved to Thursday nights. "Not a big deal, I will go to my Monday class and then to my Thursday night class", I thought. Nope, now way, no how. The college that I go to starts classes on Thursday August 20th so I will actually have to start a couple days earlier and then finals week I will be there later. Bummer of a deal but oh well! That being said I had a couple a days cut off of my summer so my plans are changing. I am working on a quilt for Christmas for my mother-in-law. She has no idea and I am almost done. I have a friend who is going to have a baby in December and she just found out that it is a GIRL so i just ordered a quilt to make for her. And I am so blessed that I get to help my friend out and paint the room for the baby this weekend. It is going to be yellow I am told. This Friday I am going to watch Jeff Bates, Trent Willmon and Mark Willis. Then I will just be finishing everything up and getting ready to start back to school on August 20th. I will be cooking and freezing alot to have food where Matt doesn't have to fix anything if he doesn't want to and so I can have a healthy dinner quick before or on the way to school. (The girls at work really worry about me driving and eating at the same time and apparently there was a survey that showed the insurance companies don't like this habit that we have picked up of eating or drinking in the car.) I will also be trying to wrap doctors appointments up and having a birthday dinner for the dad of the earlier mentioned Baby GIRL in which we are having fried perch, fried potatoes (sweet and russet), cornbread and for dessert we will have real whipped cream with strawberries and homemade shortcake!!!! Let's hope I can get all this done and shop for school supplies!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

chicken bundles

This is one of the most amazing recipes that I have ever made. Doesn't it look yummy? I am sure that there are ways to make it lower in fat but measuring out skim milk, using margarine (which will work fine), and using fat free cream cheese but I was wanting the ooey gooey goodness of everything last night! This is an amazingly easy recipe and everything flows. It will take a total of 20 - 25 minutes to make and I was so focused that I forgot to fry squash to put with it last night. Matt doesn't ask for certain things to be made too much but this is one that he asks for. I also figure that you could use tuna or turkey. The turkey would really need to be pulled and moisture added to make it taste right. Here we go with the recipe!!!

Chicken Bundles
1 can of cresent rolls 3 oz cream cheese
3 Tbs butter
1 can chicken breast, drained
2 cups Minute Rice
Slightly less than 2 cups of water
Salt to taste
1 tsp butter
1 can Cream of chicken soup
1 can milk

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Put cream cheese and the 3 Tbs of butter in the microwave for 15 seconds. (If not soft enough to blend microwave in 1 second increments until they are able to be blended – not melted). Blend together. Add the drained chicken and mix. Unroll the crescent rolls and put 1/8 of mixture on each roll. Bring the corners of roll together. They won’t all come together and there will still be mixture showing. This is fine, it won’t affect the bundle. Put in the oven on a cookie sheet and bake until lightly brown.

While bundles are cooking, add the salt and the 1 tsp of butter to the water and bring to a boil. When the water is boiling, add the rice. Stir and take off the heat, covering with a lid. Let the rice sit at least five minutes.

Mix soup and milk together with a wire whisk. Cook over medium high heat until just starts to boil, stirring constantly.

Put the rice in the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Put the cook bundles on top and then cover with sauce.

I always let this sit for approximately 5 minutes to let it mix and "mari" and cool off!

*This is enough that Matt and I eat half and save the other half for the next day. It does heat up well and tastes just as good the next day!

Correction to What's the big dill

I just wanted to make a big note that I forgot left off the measurement for the vinegar on the dill pickles!!! It is 2 1/2 Tablespoons of vinegar. I know it doesn't sound like much big it does the trick!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's the big dill????

I am learning to cook with fresh herbs it has been fun to do. I am going to plant a herb garden next year. A friend of mine was talking about foods we like and she mentioned pickles and we were talking about how much we both loved pickles. She found a recipe for sun cooked pickles. I am going to share it with you today and hopefully you will love it!!! Here is my contraption that I am using to keep raccoons out of mine while it is cooking. I am going to give you other tips to help too! This is a kennel for pets and it is keeping them pickles safe while they cook!!!

Sun Cooked Pickles

(measurements are for 1 quart jar)

1 tsp of sugar

1 1/2 Tbls salt

2 1/2 Tbls vinegar

1 dill head with seeds

cucumbers that are between 6-9 inches long

(this is one of the hints) Combine the sugar, salt and vinegar with boiling water. My first batch I followed the directions and put the cucumbers first and then everything else but it didn't mix well so do it backwards. After you have added the boiling water and made sure that it has basically dissolved start adding the cucumbers. This is your brine. The recipe that I had said to split the cumbers in half but I split mine in quarters to make spears. add the dill at the end and put the lid on. I used canning jars and it needs to be tightened one turn. I have it tight enough that I could have the lid "holding" but not totally screwed on. It needs to be loose for the brine to be able to bubble out a bit. Sit the jar outside in the sun and let it "cook". It takes 3 to 4 days to cook. The brine will start to get cloudy and the cucumbers will look more like pickles. After they are done bring them in and refrigerate them.


-Like I said before combining the ingredients put the sugar, salt and vinegar in and let them dissolve makes it easier.

-If you can't put the jars in something to keep the animals out of them they need to be taken in at night. I found that the cage works great.

-The pickles will not be bright green like you see in the store. They will be a nice green color.

-The sun may bleach the cucumbers. This is okay and doesn't effect the taste.

-Be careful carrying the jars, the brine makes them slippery.

-Make sure and have tons of cucumbers because everyone is going to love them!!!!

This is my 3 quart jar that will be done tomorrow (Wednesday). We have already gone through 3 quarts!!! This is a new favorite of ours!