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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Buck....Gone....

My morning started with a text from Matt at 6:45 this morning "He is big!" I then replied with a text saying "Shoot him!". His next text tells me that although he had him at 20 yards, he couldn't get a clean shot at him. I told him that it sucked that he couldn't and there is silence for a little while. Then the next text that comes in says " I mean big or bigger than ralphs". His grandpa has two deer that are on the wall that are nice size and beautiful deer. We want one on our wall so bad but it has to be the right one. I was driving to work when Matt called me on his way to work and all he kept talking about was the deer. He though that he had a good shooting line but wasn't for sure and it wasn't quite light enough. (We are in bow hunting season right now. The weather has been very cloudy and dreary.) Once it got light enough he saw that he did have a perfect line to shoot, not branches or twigs in the way. He is wishing that he would have taken the shot but is also glad that he didn't take a shot that he thought might be a bad shot. I really hope that he gets to see this deer again this year and who knows, maybe we will have one on the wall by this time next year! My husband would be the happiest hunter out there to get this deer. Hopefully I can have some pictures of him on the wall. Rifle season opens this weekend and I will be hunting on the land that he saw this deer on.... Maybe I can get the deer and it can be MY deer on the wall. A girl can always hope!

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