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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sasha + Linguistics = Nope!!!!

I came home early last night for work and was looking forward to relaxing for a bit... But that didn't happen at all! I walk in and Sasha gave herself away that she had done something. I walk through the house to let Roxy out of her kennel and realized what she had done...

My book bag is a messenger type bag that can handle my books for when I have two classes a night. A normal school book bag was too small for the books, binders, pencils, pens, stapler and all that other stuff that I need. I had set it by the desk that the computer and all my school stuff is on. The one thing that I didn't do was zip it up. I got home and she had pulled my small dictionary, my big binder, my book and some dividers to put in a binder out. The binder was okay, the dividers were demolished and she decided that she didn't like linguistics any more than I do... she tore the back cover off and the last page - which are both charts that look like they are important and something that I am going to need.

I sent a message off the Roxanne (my lifesaver) and she loved the story but also said that she would make me a copy of the pages that I need. So I am going to go to Wal-mart, get some red duct tape (it will match the intact front cover), and fix my book. I have to learn to understand and like it and so does Sasha!!! So hopefully I will be able to keep my books away from her and use them for the good that they are made to teach me. And I am hoping to pass it the first time!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School, boat and all things controversial....

To start off, we don't have a functional boat. The lower unit is ruined so we are waiting on insurance and all that stuff to get done. We are hoping that it will hurry so we can get it back.

I started school this week. It is quite interesting... It is good though. I think I am going to enjoy my classes, just the fact of not getting home until midnight both nights, working and doing homework is always hard to juggle.

Lastly, we went floating this last weekend. I had the most fun. We are going to go again soo so maybe I can take some pictures and post them!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fishing trouble

Thought I would put some pics up of the girls and Matt. They "help" him when he is practicing with his bow. They even run up with him when he is getting the arrows out of the targets. As you can see there are cows in the background and Sasha LOVES to bark at them.
Other news Matt was fishing a tournament today and something broke on the boat. We think that when he hit something it messed something big up.... so we have to hurry and get it fixed, he has a guide trip in a couple of weeks and a tournament in a month.... So I had to go to Martin's, get the boat trailer and truck and meet them to load it. It took them to get an hour and a half to get from Drowning Creek to the mouth of Duck Creek and then they had run the batteries down that power the trolling motor so GRDA pulled them on in!!! I was glad 'cause I was waiting on them. I had spent an hour trying to get a hold of the tournament director. They only listed home phone numbers, not cell phone numbers so I was trying to track down a cell phone number and then told me that they couldn't trailer the boat in, they had to send their fish in with some other contestant. They didn't get to weigh in so it was a huge waste of money and will end up costing us more but I am glad that it wasn't during a more expensive tournament!!! So five hours later we get home...and still don't know for sure what is going on with the motor.
On better news the girls sat outside with us tonight. The weather has been cool in the evenings so they are able to stay out with us longer. We love to watch them play with each other. They think they are the size of the other one and have tons of fun with each other. They run around, tackling & rolling. Roxy loves the water and we have a water pan that is bigger just for her. She runs over there and sticks her face in it up to her eyes and then takes of running again. They are looking so cute!!! I love the picture of them together.

I don't know how many of you know but I have a tattoo on my foot for my mom. She passed away from breast cancer 2o years ago this year. Dave did such an awesome job on it and it is my favorite one out of my 8 that I have. As we were sitting out it looked good and I thought that I needed to show everyone a good picture of it!!!

One more week and I am back to school. I can't wait! 3 classes this semester and that means three closer to my degree. Can't wait!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Amost time for school..

So I went to go get my fingerprints scanned yesterday. There was a prisoner who wasn't happy at all about his cell. In his words it stunk, he was tired of being mistreated, this was a blankety blank blank jail, blah blah blah. It sounded to me like he had spent too much time in jail if he was able to critique it!!! But I got my prints done and ran them right to the post office so they were in the mail yesterday!!! Hopefully I will get my license soon, especially since Matt got his on Wednesday. I am sooo jealous!

So after that I ran to Broken Arrow to get my books. After 20 minutes and $300 later I have a parking permit (I was the 57th person to get one!) and books for my 3 classes. I have one book that is little bitty, like the size of a paper back and it was $74 for that sucker!!! But it will all be okay, on towards the goal.

So then I went to Hobby Lobby. That is one of the best stores in my opinion. I love to do all the crafty stuff and needed some more supplies so I was all pumped. Plus, this store is over double the size of the one in Joplin. The only down side was they were remodeling so it was kinda hard to find things, but I found all sorts of other good things too!!!

If anyone knows a little bit about miniature schnauzers they love to talk and bark. Sasha can watch you knock on something and will still bark. Roxy the lab hasn't done much barking. Before the last couple weeks I can count the times that I heard her bark on both of my hands. She has started getting more protective and let me tell you, that bark would scare the pee out of me!!! I had fallen asleep on the couch and looked comfortable so Matt left me there and both of the girls stayed in there with me. He was thirsty and walked through the living room to get to the kitchen and none of us woke up. When he opened the cabinet doors though both of the girls hit the floor and started talking - Roxy was the first one that I heard. I used to think that Roxy's size and Sasha's bark would scare someone but now it is both of their barks and Roxy's size!!! so if you come near my house that is (hopefully) what you will hear-both of my babies barking!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A new work week!!!

Well this week is going to be busy! I have been trying to get my concealed weapons permit for about 3 months now. We went to the class in May and then got fingerprinted, sent everything off, got my fingerprints back, went and was fingerprinted again, sent it off.... And I got them back AGAIN. So now I am going to go to Claremore to have them scanned. I was really hoping to having the permit in hand before I started back to school, but since I start in two weeks I don't think that is going to happen!!!

Speaking of school, since I am going to Claremore to get the fingerprints done, I am going to go ahead and go to Broken Arrow and get my books for school!! I am getting excited about it! I love school (even though Matt says I am crazy), I love the routine, and even though I feel like I am going crazy sometimes, I love the homework! I am taking 3 classes this semester where I normally take two and one of them is really hard!!!! I am also taking them on back-to-back nights (Mon. & Tues.). So that means two nights in a row that I won't be home before midnight. But there is a goal in mind and it will be worth it in the end!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fish Bait!!!

So Matt and a couple of guys from work were going fishing. I am helping them load the boat and what do we see????
Fish bait!!! Actually they started out on the stands that the electronic fish finders go on so we were laughing that they could "find fish" or the fish would find them! We have been finding more frogs and toads around the house this year. We really have to watch the girls and make sure that they don't eat them. Roxy has already tried that and scared me to death!

I am baby-sitting a yellow lab for one of the guys tonight and it has been fun but tiring. He is much more active than our girls!!! And somewhat destructive too! But they have fun playing with him while he is here. And it will make them sleep well tonight!

first time

Well... my first blog. I am going to try and keep this up so that everyone, including those who don't have myspace can stay updated with us!!! They two babies that I mentioned are getting soooo big.. Sasha the miniature schnauzer was a year old June 24th. She weighs a whole 12 lbs!!! Roxy is a white lab and weighs 70 lbs at 9 months old!!! She is going to be huge!!!

We have just been fishing, fishing, fishing. Matt has a couple of tournaments next month that we are fishing for. I am getting ready for school and cross stitching stuff for christmas stuff. I am going to enjoy going back to school but I will miss being able to stitch as much. I am still working on my chicken scratch to make a quilt for us and that will happen soon. (let's hope!!!)