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Friday, August 15, 2008

Amost time for school..

So I went to go get my fingerprints scanned yesterday. There was a prisoner who wasn't happy at all about his cell. In his words it stunk, he was tired of being mistreated, this was a blankety blank blank jail, blah blah blah. It sounded to me like he had spent too much time in jail if he was able to critique it!!! But I got my prints done and ran them right to the post office so they were in the mail yesterday!!! Hopefully I will get my license soon, especially since Matt got his on Wednesday. I am sooo jealous!

So after that I ran to Broken Arrow to get my books. After 20 minutes and $300 later I have a parking permit (I was the 57th person to get one!) and books for my 3 classes. I have one book that is little bitty, like the size of a paper back and it was $74 for that sucker!!! But it will all be okay, on towards the goal.

So then I went to Hobby Lobby. That is one of the best stores in my opinion. I love to do all the crafty stuff and needed some more supplies so I was all pumped. Plus, this store is over double the size of the one in Joplin. The only down side was they were remodeling so it was kinda hard to find things, but I found all sorts of other good things too!!!

If anyone knows a little bit about miniature schnauzers they love to talk and bark. Sasha can watch you knock on something and will still bark. Roxy the lab hasn't done much barking. Before the last couple weeks I can count the times that I heard her bark on both of my hands. She has started getting more protective and let me tell you, that bark would scare the pee out of me!!! I had fallen asleep on the couch and looked comfortable so Matt left me there and both of the girls stayed in there with me. He was thirsty and walked through the living room to get to the kitchen and none of us woke up. When he opened the cabinet doors though both of the girls hit the floor and started talking - Roxy was the first one that I heard. I used to think that Roxy's size and Sasha's bark would scare someone but now it is both of their barks and Roxy's size!!! so if you come near my house that is (hopefully) what you will hear-both of my babies barking!!!

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The Riddle Family said...

Oh good lord, I remember the days of dropping WAY too much moola for textbooks and parking permits - oh don't even get me started on the parking permits. I wasn't able to get one until my last 2 semesters and I had to walk 3/4ths of a mile uphill in the tropics every morning carrying 500 pound textbooks and cameras. I felt like I was in training to become a sherpa or something!

The babies are ADORABLE! I LOVE Sasha's ears - they are awesome!

Your tattoo is beautiful, what a lovely way to remember your mom. I am so very sorry she had to leave you when you were so young, I can't image how tough that has been for you.