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Friday, April 30, 2010


Last night we lost a very integral part of the Mister's family. His grandfather died after suffering from Alzheimer's for three years. The family would appreciate any prayers that can be sent up for the emotional hurt in this time of need. I feel for anyone who is suffering from this horrible disease and the family that will have to deal with the hurt.

Snaggin' for Spoonbill

In Oklahoma, spring comes which means rain. With the rain comes a raise in the river which means snaggin' for all the rednecks who love this sport.

We snag for spoonbill which is not any more complicated than it sounds. You have a large rod with heavy line, a barbless treble hook and a lead weight/sinker on the end. You throw out and pull back, then swing forward while you are reeling. You continue until your hook and sinker get near you, reel it totally in and then repeat. It actually is a great work out and I caught my first of the season on Monday night.

Some information from the Oklahoma Wildlife Department:

When it comes to unusual, it doesn’t get much stranger than the paddlefish.
The paddlefish takes its common and scientific names from its distinctive snout,
which is greatly elongated and flattened into a paddle shape. One of Oklahoma’s
largest fish, the paddlefish feeds on tiny zooplankton (microscopic insects)
and, like a shark, it has a completely cartilaginous skeletal system.

The paddlefish was alive when dinosaurs were rumbling around in the Jurassic Period.
Paddlefish are one of the most unique fish in Oklahoma. They can live up to
30-35 years ranging throughout the U.S., from Montana to Louisiana. In Oklahoma,
they are found mainly in the Grand, Neosho and Arkansas River systems. The
Wildlife Department promulgates rules to increase the protection for paddlefish
to ensure this prehistoric fish will thrive through a few more Ice Ages.

Male paddlefish are old enough to spawn when they are four to nine years.
Females spawn when they are 6-12 years old. Spawning season is from March
through June, when spring rains raise the water levels of rivers and water
temperatures reach 50-60 degrees. Males and females gather in schools and
release their eggs over gravel or sandbars. This is called "broadcast spawning."
By the end of their first year, baby paddlefish grow about 10 to 12 inches. They
can live up to 35 years.

Paddlefish are caught by snagging, usually beginning sometime in March and ending in late April, during their early spring spawning run. This prehistoric fish can be caught by snagging with a stout surf rod, heavy test line, and a large barbless treble hook.

Paddlefish were once very abundant, but have declined in numbers. Threats to paddlefish include:
-Construction of dams which have affected breeding and feeding patterns
-Fish kills and water quality issues associated with dam operations
-Illegal harvest of adult paddlefish for caviar

In 1992 fisheries biologists began an effort to re-introduce paddlefish to some of the waters they
once roamed. Dams on several rivers had blocked the annual movements of
paddlefish in several river systems. Hatchery professionals raised young
paddlefish at fish hatcheries in Byron and Tishomingo and then released them in
Kaw, Oologah, Texoma, and Hugo lakes.

Brent Gordon, Northeast Region Fisheries Biologist for the Wildlife Department, is working to develop a management plan for this unique species. Gordon and his colleagues have placed
tags on thousands of paddlefish in Grand and Ft. Gibson Lakes, and tags are
currently being placed on paddlefish in Hudson Lake in an effort to get a better
understanding of the status of the paddlefish population. This research is being
paid for through the federally-administered State Wildlife Grant.

When you see the rod bow and feel the pull of the fish there is nothing that is a greater rush than the time that you spend fighting with this animal, trying to get it in. We snag for the sport but there are those who keep the fish. You are allowed to keep one a day and once you tag one to keep you are done fishing for the day. Barbless hooks are used so that there is less damage to the fish and the fish can be put back into the water quicker.

Spoonbill are a truly amazing species. If you were ever able to see one up close they actually have a beautiful design on their skin, almost like hundreds of flowers all over them. I am looking forward to snaggin' quite a few more over the next few weeks, me and my pink pole. Yes, I seriously have a white and pink pole. I love to get down by the bank with the boys and show them that a girl can do everything that they do!

Here are a few pictures from Tuesday night at the river.

Fish On!!!

He is enjoying the fight and embarrassed that I cornered him and got the picture!

The angler in the blue has a fish on. The angler in the camo is waiting to "land" it for him. He will grab the fish pull the hook out and either throw it back or carry it up to the bank, whichever the angler who caught it prefers.We are always helping each other out. This was a man who was well over 6 feet to give you an idea of how large the fish was.

Here she is! She was beautiful. The angler decided that when he caught her, he was done and was going home! Can't say that I blame him!

Another angler with a fish hooked.
Walt has another one on!
This angler is waiting to land the fish of another angler who has hooked it.
(shhhhh.... don't tell anyone, but that is my gorgeous husband. I have to show him off!!!)
And it is mission accomplished. Am I wrong on the gorgeous part? I didn't think so!
His is 5'10" so that gives you an idea of the size of the fish.
A group of anglers snagging on the bank of the river
We love to snag and catch these amazing fish but we also want to educate those around us about the conservation and proper treatment of the fish. If you have any questions ask and I will answer them. If you are wondering about it, I am sure that you aren't the only one! And if I don't know the answer, I will find out for you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writers Workshop - tattoo or the end of the world?

Directions: You can learn more about Writer’s Workshop here….it’s never to late to jump in!! Here is what you must do:
Choose a prompt that inspires you most.
Come back this Thursday and paste the URL from your actual post (do this by clicking the title of your post after you hit publish, an extended URL will come up in the address bar. That’s the URL you want to use) into the Mister Linky that will be up…this way anyone can click on your name and head over to your place to see what you wrote.

Feel free to write on more than one prompt if you so desire. I do it all the time, but it’s my game…and I don’t know how to shut-up…so it should be expected. And remember the more comment love you give, the more comment love you get so comment comment away.

The Prompts:
1.) Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity.(inspired by Jenn from She Says…)
2.) Who have you forgotten about until right now? Think hard and list five people from your past that you really should have written something about by now but haven’t. Circle the name of the person who stands out the strongest. Write a description or brief memoir of that person.
3.) List five things you would do different if you started blogging today.
4.) The world is going to come to an end unless you get a tattoo that covers your entire back. Describe the tattoo you’ll get.
5.) Describe a moment when you put your foot in your mouth.

Tattoos? I LOVE tattoos. I currently have 9 and I love each one of them for a different reason. If I had to get a tattoo that covered my entire back I think that I might get a saying that meant something. I saw once where this guy had the whole Lord's prayer that covered his back. But then again, I think that if I could have my favorite tattoo guy do mine I would choose photographs of some of my favorite times and have him put a collage together. My mom and myself, a portrait of me and all my cousins, Matt and I on our first wedding day with his great grandpa, Matt and I on our second wedding day. Just moments like that. I could be a walking memory board. but it would have to be worked around the fish that is on my shoulder, but even that has great memories behind it....

What tattoo would you get if the world would end if you didn't get it???

Garden 2010 update

This is what I took out to plant a week and a half ago. I was so excited to get them into the ground. I planted cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, romaine lettuce, dill, onions, cilantro, parsley, and basil. I think that is all!!! Two rows of red onions and one row of yellow onions. I love to cook with them.
My roma tomato plant. You should see how much it has grown since!

My cute little cucumbers. They have since died so I will be putting seeds into the ground and growing them outside. Lesson learned that they are very delicate.

This is a picture of the whole garden before I got into it.
It is bigger than last year thanks to the Mister!

Standing in the middle and taking pictures either way. The herbs and the jalapenos are in the pots. They are looking so good! I am excited to have fresh veggies soon!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Phones at what age?!?!?!?

While I was tanning tonight I was thinking about how I would be lost without my cell phone. Matt and I both have one and use them constantly. But, these are our only phones. We haven had a land line in over 8 years. I don't even think that I could tell you the numbers for the two landlines that I had.
After tanning I was reading through the tweets that I had missed and one was talking about sharing their phone with their children. She stated that her now teenager had shared her phone when she was younger and now her second and third child were doing the same. She also stated that her children were the only ones who didn't have phones in their classes.
Am I just crazy in thinking that this is wrong?????
I got my first cell phone when I was 19 and I paid for all of it. I haven't had anyone else around to take care of me so I do it on my own. I could not imagine, ten years later, allowing a child to have a cell phone with not controls. Mister and I have talked about when we have kids that there will be regulations put on the phones. They will not be in rooms at night, they will have a set number of minutes (possibly prepaid), and any other ways that we can think to be mean parents and embarrass our kids :) .
Am I the only one though who sees that this is a problem???? Kids today aren't outside enough and aren't physical enough. I like the Wii as much as anyone but we also take the time to go and shoot our bows, walk down a creek fishing, fish in the pond or the lake. We find things to do. I see so many kids who don't know what the outdoors are. I hope that we can change this soon, since this is the only way that we can pass down the knowledge that we have of the wonderful resources that we have.
Do you know kids who have cell phones? How old are they and there limitations??? I would love to have a starting point and maybe get some more discussion out of this!

Happy Birthday Brandy!

I just want to send out a big happy birthday to my friend Brandy. So much has changed but there is so much in store for you in the future. You will have a great birthday with your hubby and baby AJ so enjoy it!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Splenda shows up in some of the strangest places

Three and a half years ago my in-laws got us a trip to Branson, Silver Dollar City, the whole works for Christmas. I went over to my husbands grandmothers to eat the night before and was sick, sick sick the next day. So sick that I was debating on whether to go with the in-laws or not. I ended up going, with a pail in my lap the whole way there.

I started noticing a pattern, every time I was eating at his grandma's house I was getting sick. I jokingly asked him if his grandparents really liked me or if they were trying to get rid of me and we laughed about, figuring that maybe I just had a really weak stomach.

I was discussing it with one of the girls that I work with and she told me that Splenda would do that to her stomach so I started doing some research about it and found that there was a large number of people who had the very same symptoms that I was having. I asked his grandmother if she was putting it in the tea and found out that in fact, she was so I switched to drinking unsweetened tea and told her about my problems. So now she doesn't use Splenda or if she does, she tells me what it is in so I will stay away from those foods.

I made a point to tell everyone and I ask at family functions if there is anything made with Splenda. It is fine if they use it, I just know that I can't eat anything that is made with it. I have been really good at watching what it might be in, because the gut-wrenching pain that I feel with it is so horrible. I was at a weekend class and went to El Chico for dinner on Friday night. I asked what there was to drink besides pop and was told "unsweetened tea, sweetened tea, sweetened raspberry tea and sweetened peach tea." My ASSUMPTION was that the "sweetened" teas were sweetened with sugar so I ordered the raspberry tea to drink and chicken fajita enchiladas with cheese dip. I was super pumped and munched on my chips and salsa before my food came. a few minutes after the food came, my stomach started cramping. I thought that maybe it was the lack of food and pushed it aside. I didn't finish my tea and didn't have time to ask for a to-go tea since I needed to get back to school.

The stomach cramping just continued to get worse and worse until I drove home that night and I tossed and turned with the sharp pains that I was feeling. Mister asked me what I had eaten, "chicken fajita enchiladas with cheese dip and OH MY GOSH....." I left him looking at me and then it hit me, I had raspberry tea, sweetened raspberry tea.... I gained the knowledge that I don't know if I would have realized or not if I hadn't have said it out loud, the tea had Splenda in it.... I felt better realizing that it was the Splenda so I wouldn't have a bug the rest of the weekend but I felt ignorant. Why would I not hesitate to question family, but wouldn't at a restaurant? I have now learned that I will ask what everything is sweetened with. I urge you to do the same, don't assume!

Below are some of the characteristics of the Splenda issue:

Splenda Reaction Symptoms
Skin welts, blisters or other irritation
Allergic response
Abdominal pain
Mood swings/Anxiety
Inability to concentrate

Monday, April 26, 2010

Guest blogger : Mandy @ Campbell Family Party of 3

I have a friend whom I will feature on here periodically. Her family has one daughter , who is adopted, and has shown us so much through the whole process. I hope that this Q/A session could help someone out.

I have had several people email me about adoption! I have been keeping track of some of the questions and thought I would answer some of them here!

How did you tell Mist she was adopted? We just didn't tell her one day she was adopted. It was something she just always knew. When I did her baby book it included everything about her adoption. I will say that when she turned 6 the questions started coming more and more. I have read on this issue for years and my advice to other adoptive parents is be prepared. I have often had people criticize myself and Mr. Campbell with the amount of openness we have with Mist about her adoption. The way I look at it is this: Who am I to keep how she became our child away from her? I am proud of her, I am proud of how she became my daughter!

How does your family feel about adoption? Our family is our biggest support system hands down! I will say that when I first told my parents that we wanted to adopt I felt my dad wasn't on board 100% however that changed super fast and he is now one of Mist biggest supporters!! They have a bond like no other and I am so thankful for my parents. They traveled with us when Mist was born and those days of us all together in a hotel are days I will forever cherish. I have educated my family on adoption terms, adoption laws, etc. I take pride in the fact that my family members are all adoption advocates now!

What happens if Mist wants to find her birth family when she is older? I am pretty sure there isn't an IF here that there is a when. Mr. Campbell and I will be right beside her no questions ask.

What is your biggest fear in adoption? When Mist was a baby I made the mistake of reading stories. You know the stories about adult adoptee's that hated their life, hates their adoptive parents for taking them from their birth families etc. However I didn't surround myself with the awesome stories. I used to fear her hating me, hating me for raising her in Small Town USA. Hating me for taking her from her bio family. However now that years have passed I realize my biggest mistake was reading things on the Internet and not following my heart.

Any regrets? Once again when Mist was a baby I had so many people telling me horror stories! I counted down the days until Mist's adoption was finalized! I counted down the minutes because in my mind she was safe with me forever from that point on. However now I realize that her birth mother is one of the strongest women I have ever meet and she knew what she was doing when she placed her with us. I don't so much call it a regret but I feel like I spent way to much time hoping that all the legal work and the high amount of her adoption cost worked out!!

What made you start your blog? I started this blog because I felt like so many people didn't understand me. We live in a small town. I felt we were known as "the family that adopted that baby." I also had so many young couples that was asking me questions about adoption and wanted to know more about it. With that The Campbell Family Party of 3 was born!

Is Mist your daughter's real name? No, Mist is not her real name. When I started my blog I didn't know if I wanted to keep a fine line of privacy or not, so I used her nickname. Most people call her Mist just as much as they do her real name:)

Will you adopt again? We would LOVE to become the Party of 4! However you can't just decide one day you want to adopt and go from there. We have lawyers, paperwork, home studies, background checks, fingerprints etc to go through before we can even start to think about adoption again. Yes we would love to adopt again!

Any advice for young couples wanting to adopt? One of THE biggest hurdles we had with Mist's adoption was our age. However I think that made Mist's birth mom like us even more. We were young, we were in our prime and we wanted to be a young family. Mr. Campbell and I got married one week after I graduated high school and Mist was born 3 months after our first anniversary! Yes we were meant to be a family! =)

What is your best advice for a couple wanting to adopt? Wow..I have so much advice but I will stick to the bottom line here. Adoption isn't for everyone. I often have people ask me things like "Does she feel like your child?" "Would you love a bio child more?" I never even had these thoughts enter my mind. She is my child, and if for some miracle I do end up getting pregnant I will never feel any different for my bio child as I would towards Mist. She completes me, she made my heart whole, she was meant to be my child long before I knew what life had in store for me as a mother. If you want to adopt please find someone that has successfully adopted before and get some advice, find a lawyer, or an agency. DO NOT turn to the Internet for sources unless you know they are legit. Follow your heart. I had never in my life been affected by adoption and one day woke up and was like OMG I am going to adopt..when I told Mr. Campbell he thought I was crazy. I knew in my heart this was supposed to happen and it was supposed to happen NOW. Please also realize that adoption do not cure infertility issues. I think that any adoptive mother that can't conceive a child can relate to this. You have to realize that adoption makes you a mother, it doesn't make you pregnant.. I love adoption and wouldn't change one thing about how we became the Party of 3!-

Do you tweet? I do! Small_Town_USA

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Will Carry You - Angie Smith

I found Angie's blog about a year and a half ago and wept while I read about the trials that they had been through. This baby was originally due on my birthday, her first name is my middle name. The similarities were so strange but touched me also. I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and told my husband that I wanted Angie's book. I pre-ordered it and waited patiently impatiently for it to be released. I received it early and jumped for joy. I sat down and read it in one sitting. The story was the same story that I read on the blog but so much more. I was so touched and would recommend this book for everyone. Please go and buy this and let it touch you.
Product Description (from Amazon)
In 2008, Angie Smith and her husband Todd (lead singer of the group Selah) learned through ultrasound that their fourth daughter had conditions making her “incompatible with life.” Advised to terminate the pregnancy, the Smiths chose instead to carry this child and allow room for a miracle. That miracle came the day they met Audrey Caroline and got the chance to love her for the precious two-and-a-half hours she lived on earth.
Upon receiving the original diagnosis, Angie started a blog (Bring the Rain) to keep family and friends informed of their journey. Soon, the site exploded in popularity, connecting with thousands who were either experiencing their own heartbreaking situations or simply curious about how God could carry someone through something so tragic. I Will Carry You tells the powerful story of a parent losing her child, interwoven with the biblical story of Lazarus to help those who mourn to still have hope—to find grace and peace in the sacred dance of grief and joy.

"This is a beautiful and tender book that would touch any woman's heart, no matter her age or realm of experience. It is about a relationship so intimate with God that it carves a safe place for crises of faith, for faith proved genuine and for divine callings willed, sealed and fulfilled. Yes, this is one mother's moving story. This one mother also happens to be a true writer. We will hear more from her. Angie, I am so proud of you. May Christ continue to tip the ink jar toward your gifted quill."

- Beth Moore
Bestselling author and speaker

About the Author
Angie Smith is the wife of Todd Smith (lead singer of Dove Award winning group Selah) and author of the popular blog entitled Bring the Rain. She holds a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University and lives with her husband and daughters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guest Blogger : Mandy @ Campbell Party of 3

I have a great friend, Mandy, who has a daughter that is adopted. She has been so wonderful and open about everything with me. I have always worried about what would happen if we couldn't have children. Mandy has been the one person who has changed my outlook on it. One of her sayings that sticks with me is "adoption doesn't cure infertility". I hadn't thought of it that way and she has helped me understand that. She is so good about helping out other couples who are dealing with this and I wanted it to be a little more exposure for her. Now without further ado.....
What if I Don't Love Him/Her

I often get e-mails from women who are hoping to adopt soon or women who are adoptive mothers that have children that are almost Sierra's age and they are struggling with talking to their child about adoption! I love love love to help people out and tell them what I think about the issues at hand! Today I read through a couple and wrote a couple people back and got to the next one and the subject was Love & Adoption. The lady asked me what happens if she gets her child and doesn't love him/her.? I have to admit I read this over and over again. To be honest with you I have had this email on my mind all day. I loved Sierra from the time she was born, the second I looked at her she was mine and I was meant to be her momma. I have heard of women who have had bonding issues with their adoptive children but I don't think they never didn't love them at all. My thoughts on this is if you spend all your time worrying about rather or not your going to love this child because he/she is adopted maybe you are not ready to adopt yet. Get to know an adoptive momma that lives in your local town, read on bonding with your child and get some more info before moving on with the adoption. Another thing I told her was this. Remember when adopting a baby you need to think about this: Do you want to be a mother? Or do you want to be pregnant? Because adoption doesn't take infertility issues away. If you have always longed to get pregnant even after you are matched and become a mother you will always wonder what its like to carry a baby in your womb. Just a couple of the thoughts in my head....

*Also after emailing the lady back she said she was okay with me blogging about this*
Do you tweet? I do! Small_Town_USA

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My present joy....

Directions: You can learn more about Writer’s Workshop here….it’s never to late to jump in!!

The Prompts:
(all prompts inspired by this months copy of Oprah Magazine.)
1.) “I’m mad at myself. I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe after all these years, I’m still talking about my weight.” Poor Ope. What are you mad at yourself about?
2.) Divorce Dreams…a tempting alternative? A disaster to be avoided? Ever an option? Advice? What’s your take?
3.) What is the joy in your present moment?
4.) List 10 rules you’ve unlearned (meaning 10 things you thought were expected of you or were the “right way” of doing things, but that you now ignore).
5.) Mother’s Day is coming…what is the secret behind the close bond you have with your mom? OR What do you do to create that close bond with your kids?

What is the joy in your present moment?

The joy in my present moment is the fact that it is almost the end of another semester. I have papers that I have to write and they have to pass being assessed. I have passed the five for this semester, I had my exit interview for my first internship and am done with my internship. I have 3 more weeks of school after tonight and am ready for the summer. But my biggest joy at the moment is that I AM DOING IT!!!! I drive an hour and a half to go to college, but it is worth it. I have two semesters left, but it will be worth it. I don't always get to do things that I want, but it will be worth it. I feel overwhelmed at times with the full-time job, the part-time job and what feels like another full-time job with school, but it will be worth it. I get grumpy with my husband who then tells me what for and gets me relaxed again, he also knows it will be worth it. Some my joy right now is just the knowledge that I am getting ready to have a summer off. My true joy is that in another year I will walk across that stage with my husband and his family looking on. And I will know, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. All the tears, the time on the road, missing things for homework and the sleepless nights will be worth it when I can walk across the stage and know that the next phase of life is starting too. The next phase will be one to help students grow to love English but also help them realize that they are worth it and someone cares for each and every one of them.

7 more classes, 2 more internships, 1 more year, many sleepless nights, many invitations turned down, countless numbers of tears, hundreds of miles on my car and too many fill-ups to count, but in the end I will be able to say

Friday, April 16, 2010

Playing for Pizza by John Grisham

Picture from
I like to read John Grisham was the original reason I picked this book up. but in the end I fell in love with the book. I connected with the characters (even though I don't understand a lot about football!) and loved the story line that Grisham wove. I enjoyed the book and the ending was good. It wrapped up loose ends. I was listening to this book when I was driving back and forth to school and the only bad thing about this book was that I craved pasta!!! I am a pasta fanatic and I really wanted it after listening to the meals in Italy that they were eating. This is a must read, even if you don't understand football. The focus is not so much on football as it is on Rick and his inward fight to decide what is truly important in life.
From Publishers Weekly
Third-string Cleveland Browns quarterback Rick Dockery becomes the greatest goat ever by throwing three interceptions in the closing minutes of the AFC championship game. Fleeing vengeful fans, he finds refuge in the grungiest corner of professional football, the Italian National Football League as quarterback of the inept but full-of-heart Parma Panthers. What ensues is a winsome football fable, replete with team bonding and character-building as the underdog Panthers challenge the powerhouse Bergamo Lions for a shot at the Italian Superbowl. The book is also the author's love letter to Italy. Rick is first baffled and then enchanted by all things Italian-tiny cars! opera! benign corruption!-and through him Grisham (The Firm) instructs his readership in the art of gracious living, featuring sumptuous four-hour, umpteen-course meals. The writing sometimes lapses into travel-guide ("most Italian cities are sort of configured around a central square, called a piazza") and food porn ("[the veal cutlets are beaten with a small bat, then dipped in eggs, fried in a skillet, and then baked in the oven with a mix of parmigiano cheese and stock until the cheese melts"), but it's invigorated by appealing characters and lively play-by-play. The result is a charming fish-out-of-water story.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Swimsuit by James Patterson

Picture from
I am a James Patterson fan so I make a point to try and read every book of his that I can. Since I am driving an hour and a half to school this gives me lots of time to grab books on tape from the local library and I try to keep a selection in the car.
I liked this book but had to get past the violence that the main character committed. I enjoyed the voice on the book tape and felt like it helped it come alive. I am overall pleased with the book and what the end result was, to a point. It was somewhat of a hanger ending but not too bad. This wouldn't be a book for young adults to read or someone who wasn't ready to deal with the violence. There are rapes in the book and it is very violent. This is the information from
From Publishers Weekly
A serial killer with an urge to break into print propels this thriller from bestseller Patterson and collaborator Paetro (4th of July). Ben Hawkins, a former L.A. cop turned reporter and author, travels to Hawaii to look into the disappearance of model Kim McDaniels, who has fallen victim to a sadistic fiend who calls himself Henri Benoit. Ben meets with Kim's distraught parents, but the investigation soon runs into dead ends, even as the body count rises. Back in Los Angeles, Henri gets in touch with Ben, and offers the story of his life and the reasons he continues with his murderous spree. As part of the deal, Henri asks the reporter to write his tell-all book. Ben can't refuse given the killer's threat to his life as well as his girlfriend's. In just one of many clever twists, Henri proves to be the consummate storyteller. Patterson fans will devour this one in a single sitting.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
If you are someone who can handle the violence and graphic nature of the book I would definitely recommend it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Garden 2010

I have taken some time to make a garden this year again and started putting things together in my mind of what I wanted. And this is how far I have gotten..... This is where my garden will be. I have stuff planted in the tubs and barrels and will get the Mister to till the rest up and I will be ready to go. And those cute little starts that you saw yesterday? Once this ground is tilled up, they will go into it to grow and give me lots of yummy veggies!

Roma Tomato plant

Jalapenos in the blue barrel and cilantro in the black tub.

More jalapenos in the blue barrel and in the tub is one jalapeno, parsley and basil.
I never knew how fragrant fresh basil was!

Have YOU started something to help save you money and feed your family????

Last year in my 20's

Happy birthday to me! This is my last year in my 20's! Looking forward to the next year. What is your favorite way to celebrate YOUR birthday?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hometown Seeds

I got some seeds that were sent from Hometown Seeds and I am excited to show them to you. Last Sunday I planted bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers and green beans.

These are some of my cucumbers

In a week and a few days these cute little things have come along so well.

Some are great big and some are small. These seeds are totally non-hybrid, which means they can have these plants over and over. You are able to plant the seeds and harvest seeds for the next year. They even give you all the instructions on how to harvest the seeds.

I have started these seeds inside and are also keeping the other plants in the house until I can transplant them outside.

I set them in the Jiffy starter and let it do its job.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. These are started and are sitting on my dryer.....
Don't judge! It is one of the few spots that has a window beside something that is sitting higher.

These are my lettuce, peppers and jet star tomatoes that are waiting to be planted.

We will keep watching these guys and see what happens!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring in Oklahoma

Every spring in Oklahoma there is a tradition that happens. We start burning fields, ditches and anywhere else that there is tall, dry grass and weeds. This is a field that some family members were burning. It is amazing to see the renewal that happens after something so devastating. There will be wonderful green grass and hay growing before long.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Story Cookies

I know that this is a bit late, but I just found the link to them. Easter story cookies.... You tell the story of Jesus' crucifixion, death and rising. My in-laws did these with L and B. It is amazing to look at the finished product and think about everything that went into them. The family time is good for everyone and it makes such a difference to slow down and really think about what the Easter holiday is for (and it isn't for the easter bunny).

Easter Story Cookies by Rachel Keller
A couple years ago, I discovered a recipe for Easter Story Cookies. I was intrigued with the idea and decided to try them out. What a wonderful opportunity this presented to further teach the truth of Easter.

Begin this recipe on Saturday, the day before Easter.

1 cup whole pecans
1 teaspoon vinegar
3 egg whites
pinch salt
1 cup sugar
zipper baggie
wooden spoon or a wooden meat hammer
duct tape or packing tape


Place pecans in zipper baggie and let children beat them with the wooden spoon or hammer to break them into small pieces.
Explain that after Jesus was arrested he was beaten by the Roman soldiers. Read John 19:1-3.

Let each child smell the vinegar. Put 1 teaspoon of vinegar into the mixing bowl.
Explain that when Jesus was thirsty on the cross he was given vinegar to drink. Read John 19:28-30.

Add egg whites to the vinegar. Eggs represent life.
Explain that Jesus gave his life to give us life. Read John 10:10-11.

Sprinkle a little salt into each child's hand. Let them taste. Then put your pinch of salt in the bowl.
Explain that this represents the salty tears shed by Jesus' followers, and the bitterness of our own sin. Read Luke 23:27

So far, the ingredients are not very appetizing! Add 1 cup sugar to the bowl.
Explain that the sweetest part of the story is that Jesus died because he loves us. He wants us to know and belong to him. Read Psalm 34:8 and John 3:16.

Beat with a mixer on high speed for 10 to 15 minutes until stiff peaks form.
Explain that the color white represents the purity in God's eyes of those whose sins have been cleansed by Jesus. Read Isaiah 1:18 and John 3:1-3.

Fold in broken nuts. Drop by teaspoons onto wax paper covered cookie sheets.
Explain that each mound represents the rocky tomb where Jesus' body was laid. Read Matthew 27:57-60.

Put the cookie sheet in the oven, close the door and turn the oven OFF. Give each child a piece of tape to seal the oven door.
Explain that Jesus' tomb was sealed. Read Matthew 27:65-66.

Leave the kitchen. If you've been making these cookies just before bedtime, GO TO BED!
Acknowledge that the kids are probably sad that they've worked hard to make these cookies, and now have to leave them in the oven overnight. Explain that Jesus' followers were in sad when Jesus died and the tomb was sealed. Read John 16:20 and 22.

On Easter morning, open the oven and give everyone a cookie. Ask the kids to notice the cracked surface. Have them bite into the cookies. The cookies are hollow!
Explain that on the first Easter morning, Jesus' followers were amazed to find the tomb open and empty. Read Matthew 28:1-9.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doeville....the female huntress

I honestly don't know how I found them but I am so glad that I did! I actually think that Jody retweeted about their giveaway and I have been so thankful that she did! They were having a giveaway and the next five people to respond got their choice of a 3/4 length t-shirt. I hurriedly responded (I never win....) and lo and behold, I was one of the five!!!! I chose the color "in the woods" and waited to receive my shirt. You have no idea how excited I was to get this shirt! I finally got my own WOMEN'S camo to hunt in this year, so I am not borrowing my husbands!!! I was excited to find a website devoted to women hunters, or as they have coined the term - huntress' .

As soon as I received the first 3/4 sleeve shirt, I immediately bought the 3/4 sleeve shirts in "wild flower" and "desert sand" and also bought all three colors in the baby doll sleeve too. As I was getting ready to check out I looked at the top of the screen and there was a discount code for free shipping and a percent off. I was super pumped so like any girls I took what I saved and got a Doeville stone washed hoodie in forest green. I waited for them to come and was so excited when they got here. They were well packed and had the most unique paper in the box.

I had signed up to be on their mailing list so a few days ago I am checking my email and see an email about their sales and their caps are on sale...... FOR $5!!!!! So immediately I go look and lo and behold they are on sale for $5 and then there is a coupon code for 25% off and FREE SHIPPING!!! (This is off the sales prices too, so it made the caps $3.75) I am super pumped and ended up with 3 caps, "Shades of Pink/Magenta" which is pink camo with some black mixed in and Doeville written across the front in magenta, "Desert Pattern/Orange" which is the desert pattern camo with Doeville written across the front in orange and "Dark Green/Orange" which is pretty self explanatory. I was was looking at the hoodies, which were marked down to $20 ( which is amazing for a hoodie!) and with the 25% off I got it for $15!!!! This time I ended up with the Creek Rock Natural stone washed hoodie. I just got my second order yesterday and I absolutely love the pink camo hat and am thinking that I need to get another one. I have wore the green hoodie and love the style that it is. The wrist cuffs aren't too bulky and are made not quite as wide as normal hoodies. The colors are amazing and the stone washed look is beautiful. Kim stuck a little treat in for the girls, which they loved (Thanks Kim!!!) and I am now sporting a Doeville sticker in my car and the truck that Mister and I share.

Like I said, I am thinking of another pink camo hat and the Doeville dog soap. Here is the description of the soap:

Handmade soap for your best friend!
This soothing blend of Saponified oils of Olive and Coconut, Goat Milk, Essential oil Blend including Citronella which acts as a great insect repellent.
Our furry friends love this all natural, great lather shampoo. Guaranteed to provide a luscious, shiny coat.

At $6.95 (plus 25% off and free shipping) I am thinking that Roxy would love to have a bath in this, and possibly Sasha too!

They have everything for the female huntress from clothing, jewelry and things to take care of the furry ones in your life too (namely dogs and horses). They also have items that are your to unwind with, tea, journals, lotions and lip balm.

This is the perfect website for that inner huntress and they have good stuff for your furry pals too. Check them out! Right now there is a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping. Use the code springgobble10 at checkout and reap the benefits!!!