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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Phones at what age?!?!?!?

While I was tanning tonight I was thinking about how I would be lost without my cell phone. Matt and I both have one and use them constantly. But, these are our only phones. We haven had a land line in over 8 years. I don't even think that I could tell you the numbers for the two landlines that I had.
After tanning I was reading through the tweets that I had missed and one was talking about sharing their phone with their children. She stated that her now teenager had shared her phone when she was younger and now her second and third child were doing the same. She also stated that her children were the only ones who didn't have phones in their classes.
Am I just crazy in thinking that this is wrong?????
I got my first cell phone when I was 19 and I paid for all of it. I haven't had anyone else around to take care of me so I do it on my own. I could not imagine, ten years later, allowing a child to have a cell phone with not controls. Mister and I have talked about when we have kids that there will be regulations put on the phones. They will not be in rooms at night, they will have a set number of minutes (possibly prepaid), and any other ways that we can think to be mean parents and embarrass our kids :) .
Am I the only one though who sees that this is a problem???? Kids today aren't outside enough and aren't physical enough. I like the Wii as much as anyone but we also take the time to go and shoot our bows, walk down a creek fishing, fish in the pond or the lake. We find things to do. I see so many kids who don't know what the outdoors are. I hope that we can change this soon, since this is the only way that we can pass down the knowledge that we have of the wonderful resources that we have.
Do you know kids who have cell phones? How old are they and there limitations??? I would love to have a starting point and maybe get some more discussion out of this!


ForeverRhonda said...

Before we put in a landline we bought our son a cell phone, because he was home alone for a little while after school and needed something. Now that we have a landline I see no reason for him to have a cell. He's 9. I saw last night that kids spend an average of 7 hours A DAY in front of an electronic device (tv, game system, etc.) and that in Texas alone the next generation will be 90% obese. Coincidence? I think not. My son says he's one of the only ones with a cell, but that's fine. He's also one of the only ones who doesn't spend countless hours on a game system or the computer. I don't think it's mean. Get outside and do something!!

Ladee Melie said...

I have three children and they all have cell phones. My two older children 18 and 14 have iPhones. The 18 year old got his first phone at 12. He stayed after school for practices and this was helpful because he could call us when he needed to be picked up or let us know if there was a change in practice times. This phone was prepaid because it was the CHEAPEST option back in the day. He didn't text on it cuz unlimited texting was unheard of then. My 14 year old got a phone at around 13. We've set limits with time through AT&T online. She can't call or text after 9 weekdays. My youngest has a phone too for use when going to friends homes, practices etc. She doesn't text with it yet and most the time it's off unless she plans to use it. I think cell phones are great. They're great motivators for grades. 3.O or higher or you don't have a cell phone. I can keep tracking of them. Yes AT&T actually has a map you can locate the phone user with!

Ladee Melie said...
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