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Friday, April 23, 2010

Guest Blogger : Mandy @ Campbell Party of 3

I have a great friend, Mandy, who has a daughter that is adopted. She has been so wonderful and open about everything with me. I have always worried about what would happen if we couldn't have children. Mandy has been the one person who has changed my outlook on it. One of her sayings that sticks with me is "adoption doesn't cure infertility". I hadn't thought of it that way and she has helped me understand that. She is so good about helping out other couples who are dealing with this and I wanted it to be a little more exposure for her. Now without further ado.....
What if I Don't Love Him/Her

I often get e-mails from women who are hoping to adopt soon or women who are adoptive mothers that have children that are almost Sierra's age and they are struggling with talking to their child about adoption! I love love love to help people out and tell them what I think about the issues at hand! Today I read through a couple and wrote a couple people back and got to the next one and the subject was Love & Adoption. The lady asked me what happens if she gets her child and doesn't love him/her.? I have to admit I read this over and over again. To be honest with you I have had this email on my mind all day. I loved Sierra from the time she was born, the second I looked at her she was mine and I was meant to be her momma. I have heard of women who have had bonding issues with their adoptive children but I don't think they never didn't love them at all. My thoughts on this is if you spend all your time worrying about rather or not your going to love this child because he/she is adopted maybe you are not ready to adopt yet. Get to know an adoptive momma that lives in your local town, read on bonding with your child and get some more info before moving on with the adoption. Another thing I told her was this. Remember when adopting a baby you need to think about this: Do you want to be a mother? Or do you want to be pregnant? Because adoption doesn't take infertility issues away. If you have always longed to get pregnant even after you are matched and become a mother you will always wonder what its like to carry a baby in your womb. Just a couple of the thoughts in my head....

*Also after emailing the lady back she said she was okay with me blogging about this*
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