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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Swimsuit by James Patterson

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I am a James Patterson fan so I make a point to try and read every book of his that I can. Since I am driving an hour and a half to school this gives me lots of time to grab books on tape from the local library and I try to keep a selection in the car.
I liked this book but had to get past the violence that the main character committed. I enjoyed the voice on the book tape and felt like it helped it come alive. I am overall pleased with the book and what the end result was, to a point. It was somewhat of a hanger ending but not too bad. This wouldn't be a book for young adults to read or someone who wasn't ready to deal with the violence. There are rapes in the book and it is very violent. This is the information from
From Publishers Weekly
A serial killer with an urge to break into print propels this thriller from bestseller Patterson and collaborator Paetro (4th of July). Ben Hawkins, a former L.A. cop turned reporter and author, travels to Hawaii to look into the disappearance of model Kim McDaniels, who has fallen victim to a sadistic fiend who calls himself Henri Benoit. Ben meets with Kim's distraught parents, but the investigation soon runs into dead ends, even as the body count rises. Back in Los Angeles, Henri gets in touch with Ben, and offers the story of his life and the reasons he continues with his murderous spree. As part of the deal, Henri asks the reporter to write his tell-all book. Ben can't refuse given the killer's threat to his life as well as his girlfriend's. In just one of many clever twists, Henri proves to be the consummate storyteller. Patterson fans will devour this one in a single sitting.
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If you are someone who can handle the violence and graphic nature of the book I would definitely recommend it!

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