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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Splenda shows up in some of the strangest places

Three and a half years ago my in-laws got us a trip to Branson, Silver Dollar City, the whole works for Christmas. I went over to my husbands grandmothers to eat the night before and was sick, sick sick the next day. So sick that I was debating on whether to go with the in-laws or not. I ended up going, with a pail in my lap the whole way there.

I started noticing a pattern, every time I was eating at his grandma's house I was getting sick. I jokingly asked him if his grandparents really liked me or if they were trying to get rid of me and we laughed about, figuring that maybe I just had a really weak stomach.

I was discussing it with one of the girls that I work with and she told me that Splenda would do that to her stomach so I started doing some research about it and found that there was a large number of people who had the very same symptoms that I was having. I asked his grandmother if she was putting it in the tea and found out that in fact, she was so I switched to drinking unsweetened tea and told her about my problems. So now she doesn't use Splenda or if she does, she tells me what it is in so I will stay away from those foods.

I made a point to tell everyone and I ask at family functions if there is anything made with Splenda. It is fine if they use it, I just know that I can't eat anything that is made with it. I have been really good at watching what it might be in, because the gut-wrenching pain that I feel with it is so horrible. I was at a weekend class and went to El Chico for dinner on Friday night. I asked what there was to drink besides pop and was told "unsweetened tea, sweetened tea, sweetened raspberry tea and sweetened peach tea." My ASSUMPTION was that the "sweetened" teas were sweetened with sugar so I ordered the raspberry tea to drink and chicken fajita enchiladas with cheese dip. I was super pumped and munched on my chips and salsa before my food came. a few minutes after the food came, my stomach started cramping. I thought that maybe it was the lack of food and pushed it aside. I didn't finish my tea and didn't have time to ask for a to-go tea since I needed to get back to school.

The stomach cramping just continued to get worse and worse until I drove home that night and I tossed and turned with the sharp pains that I was feeling. Mister asked me what I had eaten, "chicken fajita enchiladas with cheese dip and OH MY GOSH....." I left him looking at me and then it hit me, I had raspberry tea, sweetened raspberry tea.... I gained the knowledge that I don't know if I would have realized or not if I hadn't have said it out loud, the tea had Splenda in it.... I felt better realizing that it was the Splenda so I wouldn't have a bug the rest of the weekend but I felt ignorant. Why would I not hesitate to question family, but wouldn't at a restaurant? I have now learned that I will ask what everything is sweetened with. I urge you to do the same, don't assume!

Below are some of the characteristics of the Splenda issue:

Splenda Reaction Symptoms
Skin welts, blisters or other irritation
Allergic response
Abdominal pain
Mood swings/Anxiety
Inability to concentrate


Katie said...

I am SHOCKED that a restaurant would do that! (Add splenda to drinks!) honestly, isnt that your decision?!

Sorry that happened to you. Tummy pains are NO fun.

Jennifer said...

Welcome to my world. Actually, my problem is Aspartame. Gives me migraines. Hubby has the issue with Splenda. Watch the labels on your toothpaste too. I find that stuff there. I drink water in restaurants because most of the other things have artificial sweeteners.
I understand people want to use them, but they should warn you about it. Just this week, a co-worker brought in a cake to share. Just before having a slice, she mentioned using sugar-free icing. I explained that I couldn't eat anything with artificial sweeteners and to please warn me anytime she uses them.