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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Matt's first deer of 2009

Matt got a doe yesterday with his muzzle loader. It was the first deer of the season of either of us. I was going to go but by the time that I would have gotten to my stand it would have been too late. Our friends have gone out and seen a few but nothing that has gotten close enough to shoot yet. I am hoping that everyone is having happy hunting if your season has started!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

baby gifts

I love making stuff for people and my friend Brandy is having a baby in a couple of months and we had a shower for her today. I got to work on making a few thing. I am also making a quilt but it isn't done quite yet. But here are some pictures of what I did make for her.

A pillow sampler that I made for little AJ that matches.......
I am absolutely in love with this. It can be made for a wedding sampler or a baby, like it is here. I love the attitude and the sparkle that the buttons give. I can make these fairly quick so if anyone is wanting one yell at me!!! I did blur out the last name but it is in the same pink that the first name is in. But you can see where it is and how it fits!

fall in oklahoma

Our first frost of the fall

Such beautiful colors

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deer Hunting

It is a nice drizzly day and it made think that I should update you on our hunts so far. Matt has seen quite a few but I had the stomach junk so I didn't get to go out this last weekend but I am planning on going out this weekend. It is the opening of muzzle loader season so I will have to wear orange to the stand but that is okay. I will have a blast still. We have some friends who have gotten deer. One friend in particular already has 3 so they are moving, we just aren't catching them at the right times yet. But we will! Happy hunting to all!

Writers Workshop

Mama Kat has a writer's workshop every week and have all sorts of interesting prompts. You should really go and check her out. This is the prompt that I chose this week....

Describe how you are hoping motherhood will change you?

If you are anyone who knows me you know the back story to this but I will tell everyone who doesn't know!!! I lost my mother when I was 6 years old. My dad remarried 8 months later and his new wife couldn't stand me and still can't. She wanted nothing more than to get me out of the house ( which she succeeded in 5ish years later). I then moved in with family members and although there were people around me I never had a true "mother".

When Matt and I would discuss kids I always have wanted them but I was scared of how I would be as a mother. My mother was wonderful and creative and always had fun with me. I went from that to someone who was abusive and mean. I was scared that I couldn't be like my mother and would be like my dad's second wife. After much talking and crying I have finally decided that I will not be HER. I am going to be my mother through and through.

The changes that I can hope motherhood will make in me is more patience, enjoying today more, not worrying that everything is perfect and the biggest one, learning to not live by a schedule and to go with the flow. I am a planner and get frustrated if everything doesn't go by plan. My husband is not that way so he doesn't understand what it is like. I am hoping that I can be like my mom and if it is nice out, we can go to the creek and play. I am trying to learn now how to change how I am thinking but it is sooooo hard sometimes!

I have a friend who will be a first time mom in a few short months and sometimes I am so envious of how laid back and relaxed she is with EVERYTHING. I am trying to learn that and I am sure that little Anna has alot to teach all of us and I can't wait to see her. I know that Brandy probably has some of the same fears as me. I know that there is the thought that everyone else can say " I will just call and ask mom" and neither one of us can do that. But there are people around who will help us and keep us standing upright through this time. I can't wait to see little Anna and know that Brandy is going to make a wonderful mother.

Relaxing and just being able to enjoy the moment without a plan in place is one of the things that I hope motherhood can change in me.


Head on over to Mama Kat's and see who else is writing over there!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SCOOP christmas card giveaway!!!

Head over to SCOOP for the giveaway. You have a chance to win some personalized christmas cards!!! I love finding stuff like this!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Genetic testing results and DEER HUNTING

First off this is my wonderful hubby and his fishing partner. A friend of ours who has mentored them had the shirts made for them and have a pink ribbon on the right lapel of these shirts. His wife has dealt with breast cancer and now is dealing with lung cancer and they know my family history. Tomorrow is the second day of the tournament at the end of the trail. Hope they do good tomorrow!!!

My genetic testing results came back..... And they were negative. That means that I don't have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. There are about 18 other genes that can cause the breast cancer so I will have to continue the preventative measures but I know that the two big genes aren't a factor.
Bow season opened up October 1st. I got to go out for the first time with Matt on October 3rd. They put me up in a tree stand and this was one that they hadn't seen any deer out of. In fact the guys stand that it was said that he thought there weren't any deer going there. I had been in my stand for probably 20 minutes and this doe comes in. She is 6 yards away from me!!! I sat watching her eat the corn for 15 minutes. When she had her head down I started to pull but she busted me about half way through my pull. She walked away but then came back towards me and stomped. I still was sitting there waiting. She walked back into some brush so I pulled back and waited but she went out a different way so I released my tension. I didn't think that she would come back but believe it or not she came back a third time. I never could get a good shot at her but just wait, I am going to keep trying to get a shot at her. She had some very distinct markings so I can't wait to get her! I will be shooting G5 Montec CS broadheads. Can't wait to see what they do when I get a shot!!!! I was very very upset that I didn't get to shoot her but Matt has just kept telling me that I was very lucky to get to see a deer my first night hunting, much less to get her 6 yards away. I am thankful that I did get to see her and I never want to take a bad shot. Lets just hope that I get to shoot one soon!!!!

Dove hunting 2009

First day of dove season! We all limited out!