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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Genetic testing results and DEER HUNTING

First off this is my wonderful hubby and his fishing partner. A friend of ours who has mentored them had the shirts made for them and have a pink ribbon on the right lapel of these shirts. His wife has dealt with breast cancer and now is dealing with lung cancer and they know my family history. Tomorrow is the second day of the tournament at the end of the trail. Hope they do good tomorrow!!!

My genetic testing results came back..... And they were negative. That means that I don't have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. There are about 18 other genes that can cause the breast cancer so I will have to continue the preventative measures but I know that the two big genes aren't a factor.
Bow season opened up October 1st. I got to go out for the first time with Matt on October 3rd. They put me up in a tree stand and this was one that they hadn't seen any deer out of. In fact the guys stand that it was said that he thought there weren't any deer going there. I had been in my stand for probably 20 minutes and this doe comes in. She is 6 yards away from me!!! I sat watching her eat the corn for 15 minutes. When she had her head down I started to pull but she busted me about half way through my pull. She walked away but then came back towards me and stomped. I still was sitting there waiting. She walked back into some brush so I pulled back and waited but she went out a different way so I released my tension. I didn't think that she would come back but believe it or not she came back a third time. I never could get a good shot at her but just wait, I am going to keep trying to get a shot at her. She had some very distinct markings so I can't wait to get her! I will be shooting G5 Montec CS broadheads. Can't wait to see what they do when I get a shot!!!! I was very very upset that I didn't get to shoot her but Matt has just kept telling me that I was very lucky to get to see a deer my first night hunting, much less to get her 6 yards away. I am thankful that I did get to see her and I never want to take a bad shot. Lets just hope that I get to shoot one soon!!!!