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Monday, August 11, 2008

A new work week!!!

Well this week is going to be busy! I have been trying to get my concealed weapons permit for about 3 months now. We went to the class in May and then got fingerprinted, sent everything off, got my fingerprints back, went and was fingerprinted again, sent it off.... And I got them back AGAIN. So now I am going to go to Claremore to have them scanned. I was really hoping to having the permit in hand before I started back to school, but since I start in two weeks I don't think that is going to happen!!!

Speaking of school, since I am going to Claremore to get the fingerprints done, I am going to go ahead and go to Broken Arrow and get my books for school!! I am getting excited about it! I love school (even though Matt says I am crazy), I love the routine, and even though I feel like I am going crazy sometimes, I love the homework! I am taking 3 classes this semester where I normally take two and one of them is really hard!!!! I am also taking them on back-to-back nights (Mon. & Tues.). So that means two nights in a row that I won't be home before midnight. But there is a goal in mind and it will be worth it in the end!!!

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Mandy Jo said...

Hey! I go to class in a couple weeks to get my concealed! I can't wait!