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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goals update.... Mema update....

Matt's great grandmother was put into the hospital yesterday and we spent the evening up there with her. I am hurting so much for her because she is hurting. She is in such pain and just doesn't know what is going on much. They have her on morphine but she is still saying she is huring, which is totally unlike her. She is one tough old bird. She is 94 years old and have lived a long life. I know that God has plans, I just wish she wouldn't have to suffer like this.

UPDATE: Finished #4 about 9 pm....
UPDATE: finished #6 & #7 at 5:15 I took a break to go eat lunch with Matt's Mom and Grandparents and it was a wonderful break. Now on to do #4!!!!!
UPDATE: Finished #3 at 11:45 pm

My school goals for this weekend (Friday to Sunday) are
1. weekend class (Friday and Saturday)
2. two week thematic unit
3. class observation paper from a Spanish class
4. read 100 pages for Monday nights class
5. create study guide for class discussion Monday
6. read 50 pages for Tuesday online class
7. post answers for Tuesday online class
8. book review of a Spanish text book
9. Do assignments for Monday's online class
10. Post to two discussion boards for online class

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latisha said...

Praying for Mema.
Looks like you have been super-busy this weekend... I've just been super-lazy!