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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas blues

Christmas presents bought - check
Christmas presents made - almost check
presents wrapped - look at above, almost check
Attitude adjusted - getting there....

I love Christmas time but I hate the running. It always seems that I end up crying on Christmas day and Matt is having to tell me to calm down and just enjoy it. When we first met we had fours days of Christmas ( no joke ) since he had great grandparents still living. It was hurry hurry hurry and then you are supposed to relax. Over the years he has lost all his great grandparents so it is slowing down but still seems crazy. We go to one side of his family around 6 Christmas eve, then to the other side of the family around 9ish then back to the in-laws to help put gifts together. We are figuring that the kids will be up by 3 am opening gifts (that is B's normal time to get up it seems) and then we can go back to bed, in our own bed with the girls. We have lunch at his Mema's and then (hopefully) to Kansas for dinner with Farris and Kathy. It is just a super busy schedule and it never feels like we can sit and just enjoy everything.

Just remember that all those who are running around WANT to stay longer but the schedule may not allow it. We are running around a couple more years and then when we have kids we are going to slow down a bit.


I got to see Brandy, Chris and the new little one last night. She is so precious and small. She has these long skinny legs and these active arms are going constantly. I got to hold my precious little niece and she is so precious. We talked about how she is eating like a little pig and how thankful we all are that everything went well. Like I said before though, it makes me think of how much we are wanting to wait but how much I can't wait to have a little one like that!!! It is amazing that one week ago we were wondering when she was going to get here and we are able to hold her today. And then you think about the birthing process to get her here and it is all just so amazing! If there is any advice or just words of encouragement to send to my friend post them here and I will make sure that they get passed on to her!!!!


Heather said...

I know how you feel. I am trying not to overwhelm myself this Christmas but it sure does seem like the older my daughter gets the worse I get. Merry Christmas!

ForeverRhonda said...

Enjoy the running around because it means you have many family and friends that all want to see you on Christmas! Try to look at it that way...

Merry Christmas!