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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lap stand and Baby AJ's quilt

Picture from Jack Dempsey Needle Art

I am working on this project right now. Baby AJ finally got here and it still isn't done. But I am still working on it. I got a lap stand which was kinda pricey but will worth it once I got used to it. I have the 7"/10" but am really wanting to get the 10"/12". I waited and got a 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby since it was so expensive. It made it easier to buy but I was still wondering if I had just wasted a chunk of change on a set of hoops that I wouldn't use. I love then and wouldn't trade these hoops for anything. They snap together in seconds and separate for easy storage and travel. I have a bag with me at all times that has something for me to be stitching on. I have used the hoop on tea towels, the quilt above but haven't gotten to use it yet on cross stitch. But I am off the subject!!!

I am working on this for little AJ I can't wait to get it done and am still deciding which color fabric to use for the backing. Her room is yellow so I am nixing the yellow that I had been thinking of. Maybe a light purple? We will see. I just finished all my stuff for Christmas so I can pick this back up again and start working on it. I have the dragon fly in the top left done, the hearts on the top right, all of the yellow is stitched and I am starting on the flower that is in the top middle. Maybe I will get a lot of time to just stitch over the next couple of days!!! A girl can wish!!!!

Have a safe new years!!!

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