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Monday, December 7, 2009

Miranda Lambert and a fun weekend

This weekend was very exciting. I found out that the freezer door has been open so I made a BIG pot of chili last night. It was super yummy... I did nine loads of laundry, normal housework stuff, worked on some Christmas gifts and on Saturday we went to the Miranda Lambert concert!!!!

I want to start this off by saying she is just a beautiful in person as she is on stage. And her voice is amazing. I hate going somewhere to watch someone, only to realize that the studio has done some MAJOR touching up on the voice. I was so pleased to see that this didn't happen with her. She started the show at exactly 8 pm and she rocked the house. We were right by the stage so I go within inches of her and was again pleased to realize that she is a normal size woman!!! YAY!!!!

I have always loved that she was very outspoken on certain issues and is just a normal girl. I will try and get a couple of clear blurry pictures up soon. If you are ever able to see her it is well worth the money. She is a small package that explodes when she hits the stage!!!
We went to the Park of Lights before the concert and got to see The Redneck Diva's light display. If you are anywhere in the area you should really try to get over there and see all the displays. And when you vote you should just put down Number ONE... That way you don't have to try and remember anything and yo will be voting for my favorite rednecks!!!
Speaking of my redneck friends, I had a dream that we went grocery shopping at Wal-mart together last night..... I don't really know what that means but I can only think that it is a good thing!
I have class tonight to review for a final and then I don't have to drive down until next Monday to take my final and then on Thursday to turn in my final and have a small class party!!!! I am ready for the break that will ensue... I taught my lesson and got a 45/50 and then got the results back on a five page paper that I wrote reviewing a Spanish text book. I have had this instructor in the past and she grades very hard so I was nervous about the results. I got them Thursday afternoon and was so excited about it.... 88% on it!!!!!! I was so excited about it!!!! I guess that is all that is going on for now! I am gonna go and finish another online class!

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