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Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby fever????

We went and visited AJ, Brandy and Chris on Saturday and little AJ is so precious. She has her momma's chin and maybe her dad's nose. Brandy was lucky and her labor lasted all of 10 minutes. I am serious, 10 minutes!!!! I sat and held her for almost a couple of hours and she is just so beautiful. I love the smell of babies and she was no exception.

I have been around lots of babies or women who are pregnant and it is making me have baby fever!!! I have 3 semesters left of school and I want to be teaching for a year so it will be a little bit but it doesn't help the baby fever!!!! Hopefully I can play and take care of AJ and it won't be quite so bad! Can't wait to see her! Any advice for the baby fever from all of you out there?????


ForeverRhonda said...

No advice but if you get any good advice please let me know because I'm starting to get the baby fever too!

Breann said...

It SERIOUSLY bites you in the butt before you see it coming. It's like Cupid - but with babies!
We are going for it a little sooner than you are talking about - which is scary. I don't have advice for you - just keep your plan in mind and move ahead.
And love on the dogs. That helps.