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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I went to lunch at 1 and felt this stuff coming out of the sky..... but it was harder than rain. Didn't think much of it and ran to eat Charlie's Chicken for Matt's birthday and when we came out it was crazy... It was actually snowing!

Now in Oklahoma it can be called the first official snow as long as there are more than 10 snowflakes. And we had quite a bit more than that. For a few minutes we had quarter size snow flakes falling and they looked so beautiful.

We are running around to all the area casinos for Matt's birthday. So I am hoping that the rain/snow won't be coming down tonight and we can get this done! We always have fun and he always does good.

I have finished my two week thematic unit, written a five page book review over a Spanish book, am getting ready to teach a 45 minute lesson tomorrow night and am working on finishing an annotated bibliography with 16 sources... WHEW!!!!!!
I have two and a half weeks left of class and you have no idea how excited I am for that. Next semester is going to be even rougher but I have a wonderful husband who is learning to be patient with me. I over heard him saying to someone "it really has been a stressful semester for her but she is handling it really well." It made me feel good to hear him say that. Although he teases me and calls me a *career student* I know that he supports me in what I am doing.
I haven't gotten to go hunting since I have been spending all of my time doing the assignments above but Matt has been going. He really hasn't seen much. We have one more weekend of rifle season and this may be the first season that neither him or his grandpa get to shoot something down on that land. They have seen a few but are trying to build up the population so it has been hard to decide what to shoot. We have 3 deer in the freezer so that will be enough for us but it could be close still. I am getting ready to make a bunch of deer chili and freeze it so we have easy access when we are wanting some!
Matt has been swearing that AJ was going to come on his birthday. but I don't think that she will be coming. It will be close to his birthday so that will have to do!
Hope that we do good tonight!!!

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