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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blizzard 2009

The beautiful front yard!!
Pure, untouched snow.

Sasha trying to decide if she is liking it.

Roxy getting ready to take off running.

Last night being Christmas eve we were back and forth between family and the snow didn’t stop us!!! We were at my in-laws and L comes up to me and says “Ya Ya, I need your help.” She takes me by the hand and leads me back to the play room. She said “Ya Ya, I need you to get two cots for you and Matt to sleep on.” I cracked up laughing and tried to explain to her that we were sleeping on the blowup mattress and that we would get it out in a little bit. We needed to run home to let our dogs out so we were getting ready to leave and I crouched down and told her that we were running to our house and we would be back but she needed to go ahead and go to bed so that Santa could come. She grabbed onto my hands and said “But Ya Ya!!!! You and Matt have to sleep here so I can come and get you up!” I told her that we would be back and explained that Roxy and Sasha needed to get out and go potty. She understood that then and let us run home so we ventured out into the blizzard.

Blizzard was an understatement. We live 3 ¼ miles from one set of in-laws. It took us a full 10 minutes to get home and getting back was worse. Matt couldn’t see the road so we were “team driving” I could see where the snow was blowing and gathering at the side so I was telling him how close he was to the edge and that is how we got back. We were glad that we were somewhere to stay so we broke open the hard apple cider that I had bought at the liquor store and got started putting stuff together. L got a doll house, dolls and B got a trike, a talking Thomas the train and a table that was a road to drive cars on.

L left a note for Santa : Reindeer love carrots and Santa loves cookies and milk. She left cookies, milk, a bowl of carrots and a bowl of water. (She said that the reindeer needed something to drink.) Santa replied: L, thank you so much for the cookies and milk. The reindeer liked the carrots and needed a drink. Santa.

We spent the night there and at 5 o’clock this morning our bedroom door was flung open and we heard “Matt, Ya Ya, Santa was here!!!!” So we got up and went to look and see what Santa brought (speaking of, my fingers are still hurting from pushing all those brads in!!! ) and then got down to the business of opening gifts. B opened one gift that was an Old Navy zip up hoodie and when his mom asked him if he liked it he was quick to answer no, shaking his head. Matt’s dad made the most wonderful French toast and then we plowed our way home. As soon as the girls got outside Roxy ran around loving the snow and Sasha wanted to run right back inside. They did play a little and enjoyed the snow and now we are sitting in the warm house, enjoying the time to rest. I just made rolls (they rose last night) and am getting ready to start stitching for a little bit! Merry Christmas everyone!

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