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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day after Christmas

This was me the day after Christmas.... This was Lilly the day after Christmas. She is my in-laws dog. I had been outside playing in the snow with L and B and their mom. We had been up late Christmas night, getting home at midnight and then up by 6 the next morning. I was absolutely wore out and was sitting on the couch watching the news. Can't you tell???? I was doing a good job watching the news! :) Lilly loves to cuddle with me when I am over there. In fact, she gets so excited that she can piddle when I walk in!!!! It is a wonderful feeling to have a dog laying on your lap and it makes me take a nap every time! It is just an ongoing joke that if we are watching a movie and I cover up I am gone. I will be asleep within a few minutes. Now that they have the dog it is worse, I don't even need a blanket! This was how I spent the day after Christmas. Although us girls did decide to venture out at 9 pm and go to Walmart. I was fun being able to just take our time. I love Eeyore and they had pants and a cute sleep shirt that I HAD to buy! Hope your Christmas was safe and fun.

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Lynsey said...

Must be nice to be able to be lazy and nap like that on the day after Christmas (or any day for that matter)!! I would give anything to trade places for a few hours.

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