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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeff Bates was amazing!!!! & Deer Fajitas

First off, the concert Friday was amazing!!! I got to touch Jeff Bates twice!!! The show was wonderful and the crow was quite big. He sang a couple new songs and I can't wait until I can buy them. I finally got a shirt and a friend took it into the meet & greet and got it signed for me. I had such an amazing time and Matt was a good sport about it. I even got him home early enough for him to get some decent sleep before going fishing early in the morning!

After getting home we heard about a tragedy that happened in the community and talked about it for a while. The next morning I called Lisa and we talked for a while and then I got a phone call back from her. Matt's great grandma had fallen the night before and had been taken to the nursing home. No one had been notified though. I called his mother and then took off to go the 25 minute drive to get to the hospital. We found out that her son didn't fill out and return all the appropriate paperwork to the assisted living facility, so they had no contact numbers to call anyone on. This is the same son who is pushing everyone to get their stuff out so that they can sell the house. Needless to say, I was upset and Matt was as well. She has two black eyes, a big gash on her head, the left side is swollen and the blood is draining from the fall so it is going all down her face and neck. They are releasing her from the hospital and sending her back to the assisted living facility with some additional help. I know that the thought is hard but it is coming down to quantity vs. quality of life. I know where she is going and just hope for her that she doesn't have to suffer much longer. Some prayers sent up would be nice.
Last night I made some fajitas and they were so good! The only thing missing was deer. We always make our fajitas with deer but I didn't have any thawed so I picked up some chicken on the way home. Two bell peppers, one large onion (or two medium onions) and the meat of your choice. Throw some oil, water and a season packet and let it marinade. If you don't have a season packet throw in some salt, pepper, season salt and garlic powder. It is suppose to marinade for 15 minutes but I was running late on time so I threw everything in a pan and then sprinkled the seasonings over and threw a little bit of water in there. Cook for about 15ish minutes covered. Then serve up hot!!! I found a block of white cheese dip with jalapenos and that is what got this whole thing started! I had cheese dip, guac, salsa to have with chips and then the fajitas. Wonderful dinner and I can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch!!!!

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