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Friday, June 11, 2010

DARE tournament 2010

I keep forgetting to write about this so here it is!!!

May 8, 2010 was the date for the annual DARE fishing tournament that we fish in every year. The second year that we fished it I got a crank bait stuck in my leg among other things. Tons of fun. You really should revisit it. Last year the water was high but nothing of great importance necessarily happened.

This year was wonderful! We blasted off (boat #42) which I was excited about. We had a lot of firsts. This was my first blast off in the four years that we have been fishing it. We caught a full 5 fish limit, which was another first. I got to cull one of my husband's fish out !!!

We had a great time and caught tons of different fish. We caught a 40 lb. gar, white bass, drum, crappie, a couple of little, itty, bitty bass who were hitting a crank bait that was almost the same size as they are.

We didn't get in the money but we got to weigh in a full limit which ended up weighing 11. 2 lbs, had some great food afterwards and got to see my second favorite DARE officer, Jon. The father-in-law has GOT to be my favorite. We were in the top half and we have already set a goal to improve next year. Can't wait to fish again next year!

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Heather said...

I love fishin. With my luck, I would enter a compatition and not catch a THING and then go home and cast out and catch 15 fish at once. Glad you had fun!