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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Plum Jelly

I was lucky to have an older woman contact a friend of the family, saying that she would love to have the plums on her tree picked. She is elderly and isn't able to pick them any more. We took a large plastic tub and another friend to help us pick. The plums were between the size of a cherry and a golf ball. We picked for 45 minutes and ended up with about 35-40 pounds of plums. On Saturday I cooked them down and got the juice and stored it for Sunday. The large jar holds about 4 gallons of juice. I had already cooked 3 gallons to make what is pictured below. I used 30 pounds of sugar, 12 pouches of pectin and went through a ton of jars. I ended up with 3 wide-mouth quart jars, 27 pint jars and 11 half pint jars. I am going to freeze what is left of the juice until I can get some more pint jars. They are just the easiest to can with for jelly. I had to find more space to set the jars. I normally have a spot on the table but had to move to setting them on the counter too! I don't think that we will be getting any more plums-unless someone has a really good plum butter recipe....... Maybe you could send me one? I really like to make all this and would love to have any recipes that any of you would give to me. I would love to be able to make it, take pictures and put it on here!!! I was proud of how this has turned out for the first time making it!
Juice that is left and one batch of jelly. Tops of other jelly jars (2nd batch) and one of the finished jars.
They are so clear and pretty!

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