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Friday, June 25, 2010

Week-end Weightloss Wrap-up

I am going to try and start having ya'll hold me accountable. I starting looking at the Wii Fit Plus and looked at what my weight was a year ago. On July 3rd I was 30 lbs lighter than what I was when I started on Sunday. So I have started trying to cut my portions down and starting to walk in the mornings. So here is the break down for this week!

Week of 6/20-6/25
Sunday- starting weight 199.5
Monday -1.8
Tuesday -.4
Wednesday +.4
Thursday -.8
Friday -2.2
Total weight loss 4.8
Ending weight 194.7

I ate a larger dinner later Tuesday night and it showed! I have been trying to eat larger for breakfast and lunch and then a light dinner. The summer makes it so much easier to eat healthy. I am trying to can a lot of things so I can continue to eat healthy this winter. We have quit drinking pop for the most part and I drink water all day long so I know that is helping. Here we go on the journey!!!!

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