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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

30 things to do this summer....

30 things I vow to do this summer.... I am enjoying this summer so lets see if I can think of 30 things that I am wanting to do. Head over and see the other topics at Mama Kat's and see if you can find something else that you like as well!

1. Make salsa so that we have enough to last through the winter.
2. Learn how to use a pressure cooker to can green beans and possibly other things. I have heard that chili is good and that would make it super easy for dinner.
3. Get a tan that is from being outside, even if it is a "farmers tan".
4. Make multiple kinds of pickles.
5. Keep my house clean so I am not stressing.
6. Learn how to can tomatoes.
7. Spend some time relaxing outside.
8. Lose weight so that I feel comfortable.
9. Go floating down the creek more than once.
10. Cut down my computer time in the evenings.
11. Read at least 5 books over the summer.
12. Watch the whole first season of Glee in one day (or maybe two).
13. Spend some time with friends around the campfire.
14. Take Roxy to the water and let her play.
15. Go out and eat with Mister at least once a week, just the two of us.
16. Start making Christmas gifts.
17. Start buying Christmas gifts.
18. Clean out, shampoo and wax my car.
19. Finish ripping the guts out of the inside of the bronco and build a roll cage inside it.
20. De-clutter my house.
21. Organize my craft stuff.
22. Keep up with canning so that we have lots of yummy food this winter.
23. Make sure and at least once a week have nothing to do when we get off work.
24. Not wish the summer away, no matter how hot it is.
25. Grill out and eat healthier.
26. Eat more fresh veggies out of my garden.
27. Give away some of the veggies to those around me.
28. Shoot my bow enough to pull 50 lb. draw weight.
29. Take a blanket out in the dark and watch the lightening bugs (fireflies) with Mister.
30. Go target shooting with the husband and father-in-law.


Ladee Melie said...

That's a lot of canning! The once of week out with Mister is a great idea. My husband and I have been married almost 20 years and it's something we stick to no matter what.

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like you will be busy if you stick to the list.
That salsa sounds good, I'll take some. :)

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Yay! Love all of these!! I need to make salsa share you way please :) LOL

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Yay! Love all of these!! I need to make salsa share you way please :) LOL

VandyJ said...

My husband just got me a bow and I'm looking forward to spending some time this summer practicing with it when we go camping. Great list!

GasStation Cappuccino said...

I'm bounced here from Mama Kat's and now feel like a completely talentless looser fest! You have skills, woman! Rock on!

Mama Kat said...

Christmas already!?! You are a true die hard!

jwitcraft said...

i bought a pressure canner/water bath canner from walmart for $64. It works really well.

I just washed, snapped green beans and poured boiling water over them (i'm watching salt intake) then locked it, did 10 pounds pressure (one weight on there) for 20? minutes I think. Take the pot off the heat and wait til it cools off and voila!

The little tender green beans are best. Your posts on canning got me started. I've done apple butter, sweet and dill pickles, cooked and freezer strawberry jam, and I've been freezing squash etc.

Thanks for the new hobby!