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Monday, May 11, 2009

DARE Tournament 2009

On Saturday the Masons put on a tournament for a DARE officer and this was our 3rd year to fish it. I know that nothing could top last year's tournament but we still had fun! The water has been up on the lake for a few weeks now and right before the tournament we got more rain so it was even higher. Keep in mind this is our THIRD year to fish and this is my THIRD year to not be able to blast off... So I guess we will try for next year!!! Instead of putting in at Martin's we had the choice to trailer to any ramp we wanted to and trailer back. So we sat waiting in line and took off to our ramp a little after six. Matt caught a fish right off and then we fought all day to find any more. I couldn't catch a fish if my life depended on it! I could tell him where to catch fish but couldn't do it myself!!! In the end we weighed in 4 fish and our total weight came to 8.23 lbs. Not bad considering the day that we had. This tournament is for a great cause and Jon does a great thing. He works for a sheriff's department at night and is volunteering to do the DARE program during the day. Looking forward to next year!!

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