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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals Tough Trucks!!!

We had a great turnout from the local crew on Tough Trucks and they put on quite a show! Steve Barnes, Steve Darnell, Matt Schumacher, Richie Gering, Pat Pulley, John Jungeblut, Mark Jones are a few who came with their modified tough trucks and made a splash on both nights. Saturday night Steve Darnell took first with an amazing run in Mischief and John Jungeblut rolled Thunderstruck coming into the final turn. Once he was upright, he finished and gave an awesome finale with a series of spins at the end. Matt Schumacher was amazing with his Mustang and turned in some amazing times. Steve Barnes, Pat Pulley and Richie Gering all showed their talent with some intense driving. Last Minute and Feelin' Froggy took spills during the night when the ground behind the buses became tacky. No one was hurt and everyone gave a terrific show for the crowd. You can follow these guys and see the schedule on Midwest Tough Trucks. They have some awesome photos and other info about the guys and also schedules.
There was also a stock tough truck competition. These cars weren't modified and in fact, a few came from the salvage yard on Friday! Dexter was driving for Bargain Center and put on quite a show that included "jumping" the six smashed cars in the middle after his final run. There was everything from a little Saturn to a full size Suburban. They all gave it everything and we had lots of fun watching.
Now for some other info!!!! I have been wanting to race at MoKan but can't get my hubby to help me get a car ready. When we met I was street racing at night and he asked me to quit but I have missed the adrenaline and action so I thought that MoKan would be a good alternative but we have just never gotten around to doing it. I told Matt Saturday that I was going to get a car from the salvage yard and run it that night. That was followed by a very emphatic "NO! I will get you a truck and we will start building you a tough truck." I had told him last year that this was something that I wanted to do but I think that he figured I would decide that it would be a hassle and not want to do it. But I am still wanting to do it! So I talked to a few of the guys and they are willing to help so we are going to start looking and figuring out what we need. I would love to have it done by this time next year but we will see. We are going to have to totally rebuild the engine on whatever we get, a roll cage will have to be built and put in it and then all the body stuff as well as all the changes on the vehicle that needs to be made. I am thinking that I want a Chevy with a 350 in it. My first thought was to paint it all pink but I am thinking that maybe I will paint it black and put racing stripes down the middle and my pink ribbon on the side or on the hood in between the stripes. Somewhere I am going to put names of those who are close to me that have been affected by breast cancer. My mom's name will go on there and my friend Kathy's name will be on there too. We have a friend who does amazing paint jobs on vehicles so I may hit him up and see if he can help. But I am now needing a name as well. Someone suggested Pink Panther but that is just not quite sounding right to me.... anyone out there have any ideas?

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Good luck, it does sound like a lot of fun.