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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

April showers bring May flowers.... or showers again??????

May 10th was the one year anniversary of the tornado that hit Picher. Friday (May 8th) we had been watching the coverage on the news and we knew that there was another storm coming in. Matt goes in a little early on Fridays so I get a phone call from him saying that I needed to leave a little earlier than I had planned. The wind was blowing and had picked his truck up and "floated" him to the other lane. I started getting around and the electricity flashed. I didn't think much about it since it came back on and then a couple minutes later the wind picked up something severe!!! It sounded like hail was hitting the house but it was the little bitty pieces of branches that were being blown from the tree line. Later we were told that the wind was blowing between 85-110 MPH. I was getting around when the electricity went out and stayed out so I lit some of the lamps and got ready to leave. The girls weren't happy and were pacing around so I watched them and once they calmed down I put them in their kennels and went on to work. There was tons of water and the wind was still blowing but not as bad. The rain was coming down and the highway was very dangerous. I didn't see what had happened then since I was so focused on the road but there were 5 poles broken, all laying towards the east. We were without electricity from Friday morning until about 9 pm sunday but when we were home we gassed the generator up and plugged in the neccessities - fridge, freezer, TV, satellite, a few lights and a fan! I am just thankful that there wasn't more damage and that we were only out for a short amount of time! This weather in Oklahoma is crazy this time of year!

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