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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals - Monster trucks

This weekend was the O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals which is always a fun thing to go to around here. We have been able to go the last three years and I have loved it! Andy Hoffman's Nitemare, Doug Noelk in Tail Gator, Darren Migues in Bounty Hunter, Jerry Perry in Brute Force, Paul Strong in Martial Law and two more newer trucks, Ice and Crash Master rounded out the eight trucks who where there. Brute Force had just been bought on Friday By Jerry Perry and he gave a good show in his first night as the new owner. Devin Jones is a hometown favorite who always puts on a good show. We have know the Jones family forever and we both went to school with Devin and love to see him "do his thing"! Devin started out driving tough trucks and is now driving his monster truck, Barbarian, all around the nation. It was a great show with Brute Force flipping his truck at the end of his run in the wheelie competiton when he was trying to do a donut. Then during the free style competiton Martial Law broke an axel and a tire went one way as the truck went the other way, rolling over. They both came out the next night but after the first side-by-side Martial Law was done for the night after having some engine problems. All the trucks gave a great show and kept everyone on the edge of their seats. If you have a chance to see any of the guys it is worth it to go and see their show! You can alway check out what is going on with the guys at The Monster Blog. This is always a great show and I can't wait until next year!!!

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