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Sunday, May 17, 2009

From 28.31 to....

I started trying to lose weight on February 20, 2009. I started out at over 200 pounds and a BMI of 28.31. I weighed this morning and weighed 173 and my BMI is at 24.90!!!! I am using the Nintendo Wii to weigh every day and it keeps me accountable. The "normal" range on the BMI starts at 24.99. A BMI that you are healthiest at is 22. They say that you can fight off sickness and are at the best weight for you body type. If I do get down to a BMI of 22 it would put me at 153 pounds and I am not for sure about that. I have spoken with my doctor and she said that it is variable and it goes off of you as an individual. The BMI scale is one that is made for generalizations but your own individual body must be taken into account. I was smaller at one point and time and I don't know if I want to get that small. I am trying to get to a healthier weight and a healthier me!

I have been changing my eating habits and Matt and I have been starting a new lifestyle. We both discussed what foods we liked and what we felt was healthy for us. We have decided that we both like potatoes and I like pasta. We are still having these things, we are just eating smaller amounts. I have learned that we are able to live on smaller amounts. We have started using smaller plates and only eat until we aren't hungry anymore. If we aren't hungry, we don't eat. This makes for some interesting meal times!! I am hungry alot of times by the time that I get home so I am fixing dinner but if Matt isn't hungry he will grab some later. On the weekends I seem to be busy and don't always get to eat lunch until 2 pm because I am not hungry until then so that may push back dinner until 8 or 9 for me. I was watching a DVRed episode of the view and Dr. Nancy Snyderman was talking about dieting myths. There was one that I found interesting. The myth is that if you eat late at night you will gain more weight. She said this is NOT true. You may weigh more in the morning but it is because you still have it in your system. Although you have gone to the bathroom it may not have gotten totally out of your system.... That made me feel better and understand everything better.

Another thing that we are doing is always eating something for breakfast. It started out eating eggs and bacon on the low carb and has evolved to eating whatever we want, just in small amounts. That has been the largest change that we have made in our lives. SMALL AMOUNTS!!!! It has also been said that our stomachs are the size of our closed fist. It has made us think more about what we have on our plates and how much we are eating.

I am having to wear a belt to keep my khakis up that I wear to work. I also bought a couple of two piece swimsuits about a year and a half ago. I was too busy and we never went swimming last year so I didn't try them on. Before I started I tried them on and was disgusted. I tried them on this last week and they both fit and the "rolls" that I had are disappearing!!!

I hope that all is gong well with you and if you are trying to lose weight that it is going good for you! How are you doing it?

I will leave you with a small recap that is from The View's website when Dr. Nancy Snyderman was there.

"Then, Dr. Nancy Snyderman stopped by to tell us all about her new book, Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat -- which she wrote in part due to her own struggles with weight gain and dieting. Here are some of the myths and facts she discussed:

Myth: Yo-yo dieting wrecks your metabolism
Myth: Hunger pangs mean you're hungry
Myth: Eating after 8pm makes you gain weight
Myth: Muscle weighs more than fat

Truth: Belly fat is linked to dementia
Truth: White foods can be good for your diet
Truth: Flatulence is the sign of a healthy diet
Truth: Your taste buds get bored after the third bite"

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