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Sunday, May 17, 2009

End of school update

I took some tests about a month ago and told you that I would tell you what the end result was. The OGET was the one that I wasn't worried about but the OSAT I was worried about. The essay was over a genre that I was as familiar with as I would have liked. I have wondered about this for the last month. On Friday we were able to get our unofficial results. They were supposed to be released on 5 pm. At 1:11 I got an email and it was the test results!!! I was so excited to find out and the end result was...... I passed them both!!!! I am so excited. I also got good news from my classes at school. I passed my World Literature with a B. I have never made anything higher than a C in this particular instructors class. I got a C in my grammar class. I was carrying a B but didn't do well on the final. I don't know what happened but I got a final grade of C in the class. I am so excited and ready for this summer and some free time!!!!

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