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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Thursday

Head over to Abby's blog - Murdocks Mama - then tell us all what you are doing on this Thursday!!!

Outside my window..71 degrees and perfect. Bow season opens tomorrow!!!
The time is..11:10 am
Today I feel..itchy, irritated, frustrated
I am thinking.. that I want this poison ivy off my face!!!
At the moment, I am thankful.. for a steroid shot that should have this all cleared up by the morning! I want to be able to wear contacts tomorrow.
I am sit on my hands so I don't mess with my face.
I am wearing..a burgundy light turtle neck/sweater, khakis, brown shoes and a nifty band aid on my backside where I got a shot this AM.
I wish..I had tomorrow off to go hunt opening morning of bow season.
I am reading..Genuine Lies by Nora Roberts and finished The Reader. I guess I need to see the movie now???? And still reading Life of Pi.
I am working on..finishing my header for this month on my blog.
I am shoot a deer with the bow this weekend.
I am hearing..light rock radio station.
I bet you didn't know..I got to teach in my internship!!!
One of my favorite..seasons is fall. I love cool (not cold) weather!
Weekend Plans..
[Thursday] Relax and get over this poison ivy.
[Friday] bow hunting after work.
[Saturday] seminar and then bow hunting.
[Sunday] bow hunting ( is there a pattern here?:) Let's hope so!!! )

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Murdock's mama said...

Good luck hunting this weekend!!!
Thanks for linking up!