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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hunting tip - Corn for your deer

Bow season open here in Oklahoma on Friday and we are all ready! We have been checking our stands and making any changes that need to be made for the last month. One other thing we have been doing is setting out salt licks, putting apples out in some places and corn out in others. In years past we have bought our corn from the local co-op and stored them in 55 gallon drums. This year we are trying to be creative and found one way to save money on putting corn out for the deer. We have places that we hunt that are corn fields. As we are walking across we always see whole ears of corn that were missed when the field was cut.After talking to the farmers who have the fields and they said they didn't mind us picking it up. So we now take a bucket and pick up the whole ears of dried corn that are laying around. Then when we are ready we dump them out around where our feeders are and leave them for the deer to feast on.
I would be sure to ask the farmer who has the land if they mind if you walk the cut corn field and pick up the left over dried corn. We store ours in buckets or bags and then dump them out when ever we need them.
This is a good way to save money but still give the deer the extra nutrition that you are wanting them to have. It is a win-win situation for all! Hope this helps you out?

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