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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet My New Friend, Katydid

Meet my friend, Katydid. At 12:30 this morning he woke me up. That is the most gosh darn awful sound that you can ever hear inside the house. We were in a dead sleep and here him rubbing his wings together. In our waking up from a dead sleep stupor we were trying to figure out what the noise was... We have 10 foot high ceilings in our house. We saw this bright green object on the wall, almost to the ceiling. So I said the smartest thing that I could think of in my stupor "Hit him with a towel". I know, I am smart when I am awakened out of a dead sleep. Here is the deal, Mister did it. Then our new friend flew around a little bit, landed on me, I tried to grab him and missed. He ended up on the floor, where Mister was hitting him with the towel again. Then he was gone. So we went back to bed and a couple hours later our friend decided that he wanted to talk again. Mister got up and tried to hit him with the towel again. Then he was gone, again. So we went back to bed and slept peacefully until the alarm went off. I am hoping that our friend will stay outside and not wake us up tonight. He sounds beautiful outside, just not in my house wanting to talk in the early hours of the morning!

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