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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Thursday

Outside my window..Cloudy and has been rainy. I would mind some more light rain, just no torrential downpours.
The time is..10:40 am
Today I feel..good. Making ribbons tonight for 9-11 and probably canning some more.
I am thinking.. bubble yum used to be good. Now it just loses it's flavor too fast. Maybe part of that is I am older :)
At the moment, I am thankful.. that the college I go to is understanding of an hour & half drive.
I am see Rodney Carrington this weekend.
I am and white top, dark khakis, brown shoes and a black fleece jacket. It is chilly!
I wish..I could get Mister everything that he is wanting.
I am reading..text books and Life of Pi. I just haven't had time!!!!
I am working my dirty house!
I am hoping..I can relax a bit this weekend
I am hearing..the radio. Taylor Swift's "Should've Said No"
I bet you didn't know.. I have a SIL that is 23 years younger than me and a BIL that is 26 years younger than me.
One of my favorite..shows is White Collar. Just watched the season finale... :(
Weekend Plans..
[Thursday] Ribbons and them football. Gotta support the Vikings!
[Friday] Relaxing, hopefully
[Saturday] homework and concert
[Sunday] homework...
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Murdock's mama said...

That's right...go Vikings!! How many days a week to you have to make that drive...that is a lot! :( thanks so much for linking up [like always!]