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Monday, July 19, 2010

Panko - my new love!

I have found my new love - Panko! It is so wonderful and tasty. I first heard about it through The Pioneer Woman but then another friend made me fried pickles and I was hooked. I went and bought a couple of boxes and we made squash and sliced pickles. Oh my gracious! We are now wanting to have it quite often.
Just a few hints for when you make it, first, coat everything in flour, then an egg or egg/milk mixture and then the panko. We loved the fry daddy for this since you don't really have to flip it. Don't make this when you are hungry 'cause you will burn your mouth trying to eat it!

Pickles and squash, Yummy!


CJ Sime said...

those look like my kind of veggies!

Stef said...

oh my goodness. Those look so yummy.