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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Thursday!

Outside my window.. Sun-shiny and hot. Heat index in the triple digits
The time is.. 9:12 am
Today I feel.. tired
I am thinking.. I don't always like being a girl
At the moment, I am thankful.. that we have an air conditioner
I am going.. to try and make Mister some more ringtones tonight
I am wearing.. Pink and navy top, khaki pants and brown shoes
I wish.. I could have a three day weekend.
I am reading.. Still "Life of Pi" and all my recipe books and new canner book.
I am working on.. getting Mister's phone all loaded up. (once I get everything on his it will make it easier when I get mine!)
I am hoping.. I don't burn this weekend
I am hearing.. "I got a brand new girlfriend, we went and jumped off the deep end" The video is a hoot is you ever get to see it. Now Toby Keith's "Trailer Hood" is on.
Around the house.. you see jars, jars and more jars.
I bet you didn't know.. I am starting back to school in less than two weeks.
One of my favorite.. things about summer is the fresh produce from my garden.
My weekend plans include.. Fishing one day with a little canning thrown in and floating the next.
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Murdock's mama said...

We talked about floating one day this weekend too! Not sure if it'll happen or not, but it sounds like a great time! Hope you have a blast! Have an awesome weekend! Thanks for linking up!

Murdocks mama

Mommy said...

I would LOVE the recipe!!!

Thanks :o)

Sammy said...

Stopping by from Just Thursday.

I rememeber having to read Life of Pi in college, it was so hard to get through. Stay cool, I never knew Oklahoma was hotter than Florida in the summer.

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog today. I really appreciated your thoughtful comment.

This is the first time I've been to your blog, I believe. You are most men's dream with liking hunting and fishing! LOL!

If you haven't visited The RHOK blog you should! I write over there as Mrs. Albright. RHOK stands for Real Housewives of Oklahoma. =