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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a/c issues

In Oklahoma our summers can be described as hot, hotter or oh my gracious it is super hot and humid and is taking my breath away!!!! This summer has been the latter and it has been in the triple digits with the heat index another 15 degrees higher. We came home and heard dripping. We pulled the filter out and this is what we saw.

The drain for the air conditioner had gotten clogged and backed up into the closet. We grabbed the shop-vac, took care of the clog, pulled over 5 gallons on water out of the closet and still made it to Mister's grandmother's house only 30 minute late!
This is the closet. The bottom of the picture is the tile in the kitchen. The water was about to go over the edge of the tile and start pouring into the kitchen.

The larger picture of what you just saw. The closet got a good cleaning out after this!
Under the air unit, behind the filter. On the other side of the wood is the closet from the previous pictures.
Water soaking up into the sheet rock. Luckily he had sheet rocked both sides so it didn't soak into the outside wall.

The moral of the story is..... go check your air conditioner drain and clean it out every year. We got lucky, it could have been so much worse.

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Heather said...

EVERYONE is having problems with their AC this year. This heat is unbearable and it is fixing to sit idle on triple digits for over a week! I want to cry.