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Friday, July 23, 2010

In Oklahoma they have hunts that you can draw out for. The Wildlife Department looks at where the deer population needs the most management. They also have hunts for other species of animals in Oklahoma. I have been putting in for an either sex tag on the elk hunt for 5 years now. Mister drew out with a cow tag 3 years ago and harvested a beautiful cow. This year Mister drew out for a hunt during muzzle loading the the southern part of the state. He will be able to harvest 2 doe, on top of any that we shoot here. Mister's grandfather drew out for an elk hunt! He has been putting in for 40 years and finally drew out. He has a cow tag and is absolutely pumped about it. I didn't draw out this year but there are always other years! I am hoping to shoot something bigger than the mister does sometime in the future!

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Ashley said...

Its so odd for me to think that you dont have to draw for everything you kill here...well in Oklahoma...I am from NV and you have to draw for EVERYTHING!!!! Elk hunting is awesome!! I drew a cow elk tag in NV when i was like 13 or 14.. I am ready for that bull elk now!!! Your blog is awesome, I love it!!