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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One of my Christmas bargains

I had been needing a good jacket to wear since I will be starting my full internship this spring. M's step-mother found me a jacket at a store and when I tried it on it was tight in the shoulders. I was blessed with my mother's broad shoulders so it can be difficult to find clothes or jackets that fit. I ended up taking the jacket back that I had gotten and looked around to find another one. Being the day after Christmas, I knew that there would be good sales so we looked. I ran to Old Navy and they were down to small and x-small in all their jackets. New York & Co is right across from Old Navy so I ran in there. This is what I saw.
This was the next thing I saw and just about choked.
I also saw signs that said that it was 70% off so we sat down, did the math and decided it was a good deal. M paid for what was left over so I got a really good after Christmas deal on a Christmas present!
Here is the break down. The jacket was originally $129.95 but I got $77.97 off so it made it $51.98. After tax and all that good stuff it was $56.05.

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Dawn said...

Love the coat!

I bought several things in there right before Christmas. They definitely had great sales.