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Friday, December 10, 2010

CSN Stores & Pressure Canner Review Part 2

I said that I would do an update post on my canner and here it is!!! First here is the first post that I did on my Presto Canner. That way you can refresh yourself.
Here is my canner. Please ignore the black around the edges of the burner. I canned all day and spilled some and it seems that the longer it is right next to a hot burner, the blacker it gets. Imagine that! I had that stove going all afternoon and it was pretty nasty by the end of the night but it is clean now!
I need to name my pressure canner, I feel like it is a part of the family now. I had made jellies all day and decided to make stew/soup to can. I am getting ready to be super
busy so I am taking the time now to put up whatever I can that is easy and healthy that we will eat later. So this is the end product: I still love my canner and am actually wanting to get another just like this one. That way I can have one going while the other is letting the pressure drop. I am absolutely in love with mine and would fight you if you tried to take it from me.
CSN has so many things and even show which items they guarantee to be delivered by Christmas. Check them out for all of your holiday shopping needs!

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