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Monday, December 27, 2010

Don't waste the leftover wine!!!

Don't throw out that leftover wine!!! Or go and buy a cheap bottle to keep around, just for this!

I always seem to have a little bit of wine left over in a bottle and have found a good use for it. Whenever you have food that has stuck in your skillet or pan, pour some of the leftover wine in and let it bubble. Use a spoon and scrape while it is bubbling. You will be surprised what happens. You won't have to scrub, trying to get the scorched food off of your pan!!!
It is basically the idea of deglazing. We put wine in a pan to pull up all the drippings when we cook. This is the same idea. It causes the food to loosen, which means less elbow grease in the end. It even works when you are canning and scorch the strawberries you are cooking. That makes it sound like I should know!!! I will admit, I had the heat up a little high and scorched the strawberries. But it was a very thin layer.
I hope this pulls you out if a bind sometime! It sure has saved me!!!

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