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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tree Stands - Which is Best?

I have seen a lot of pre-made tree stands that are nice but we tend to build our own. I have nothing against the pre-made stands, we can just made stands for cheaper. I have shown you a picture of one of my stands in the header but I am going to show the inside of my favorite stand today. It is basically a box that I sit in so I can move a little or do things with my hands. Or I can change out the primer that doesn't go off the first time I pull the trigger on a big buck... I was so thankful that I was in this stand when that happened.
This is where I normally sit in this stand. It is the back side that is up against the tree. I set my bag right beside me and lean against the tree. Can anyone guess what kind of camo I am wearing????The picture to the left is the left side of the stand. The picture on the right is the front/right side of the stand. I can sit on either side and face west or the east. It makes this stand very versatile and a wonderful stand to be in.

There is only one thing that can make this stand better-a food plot! We are planning on planting one in front to the east so that I can bow hunt out of this stand easier.

M hunts out of a metal stand on this same property. I have a metal stand at another property we hunt at as does M. Then at our leased land we have basically a tree house with a roof over us so we can hunt easier in the rain.

I am open to trying new stands and new ways to hunt if anyone has any suggestions.

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