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Friday, November 19, 2010

Shot Placement

This is such a big issue with any kind of hunting and I haven't posted about it yet so I here it is!
M has a spot that he looks for and I am the same way. I always shoot right behind the shoulder. This means that I will get the heart, lungs or possibly both. This will mean (most of the time) a good blood trail and a humane, quick kill. That is one of the points of being a sportsman.
I know that it is hard at times to make a perfect shot, but as good hunters we are always trying to make a good shot. This includes looking at your shooting lanes, deciding how far away things are if you don't have a range finder and knowing your limits as a hunter. I have been lucky that I haven't made a difficult or bad shot yet. YET being the key word. I have friends and my husband who have though and it makes them sick to lose a deer. Our rifle season is starting tomorrow so I thought that we should refresh ourselves on the proper shot placement.
We all need to also remember that different calibers of guns cause different degrees of damage. Know what your gun (or bow!) will do and make it count.
This is an amazing article to read.
Are there any questions or ideas for some upcoming posts? I know that I always have questions and am so thankful for the more seasoned hunters to help me out and allow me to pick their brains. I am willing for y'all to do the same!!!


Elizabeth @ Miss Wisabus said...

Even though I never went hunting with him, this was something that my dad taught all of us at a very young age. Make that shot count.

Anonymous said...

Good post with a awesome diagram.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

heyBJK said...

Good shot placement and taking only clean shots is a responsibility all hunters have. You have to know both your quarry and your equipment. Taking a "bad" shot leads to wounded and lost game and isn't ethical in my book.

Nice post!