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Monday, October 13, 2008

A new bed!!!

So Matt and I have been sleeping on a full size bed that has been mine for 20 years. It was bought for me after my mom passed away. The mattress was the original as was the boxsprings. It has been passed around and abused but I finally had it. After waking up with both of our backs killing us one of us would sleep on the couch and the other was on the bed. I was the one who had the couch since I was coming in late from school and then having the pneumonia and bronchitis I had to sleep upright.

When we bought the house a year ago we bought a brand new washer, dryer and dishwasher. We got them at Lowe's when they had a rebate going on and had $100 on a gift card. I found a basically brand new mattress, we were given a set of box springs and with the gift card we bought the wood for the bed. The only thing we were out was the stain!!! So we picked everything out, got it cut, stained it on Saturday, clear-coated it on Sunday morning and put it all together on Sunday evening. And we have a wonderful new king size bed!!!! Sasha is scared to jump up since it is higher but Roxy has no issue getting up. They both just laid up there with us this morning. It is remarkable how much better you feel when you have slept all night on a wonderful bed!!! The next things are two end tables and a headboard sometime..... but I am quite content with the bed right now. I get to sleep in the same room as my husband and listen to Roxy snore!!! Sasha even rested better, at 5:30 she was awake and trying to get us up to play with her but the three of us laid and ignored her until she decided to come back to bed with us!!!

On the left is the bottom board and on the right Matt is staining the top boards.
Close up of the top boards
Checking the size...
The girls helping us!!!!
It is done!!!!

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