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Monday, October 13, 2008

White Sasha, Ebony Stain

Well first you should read the previous post.

Okay, now that you have done that!!! Matt went to pick up the boxsprings on Friday night and I ran to Joplin to get a set of sheets and the stain that we would need for the bed. I bought two quarts of stain and set it, still in the plastic bag, on the kitchen table. Didn't think a second thing about it. I got up and went to work Saturday morning and Matt was out hunting so Roxy was in our room in her kennel and Sasha had the run of the kitchen/dining and living room. I call Matt at a little before 11:00 to make sure he had gotten home to watch the OU game and he had. I asked him what he was doing and his exact words were "Cleaning up your dogs mess". Now I should say that Sasha is a nosy dog and loves to know everything that is going on. She also loves food. So if a bowl or bag is left in reach or to where she can jump up to (like the kitchen table or the kitchen counter) she will have it on the kitchen tile floor. So I am trying to figure out what she has knocked off. -----She knocked the stain off---- Ebony stain on my cream tile floor. Only one quart opened and luckily it wasn't shook up so Matt was able to clean it up except for the grout, which looks like I have black mold growing in it!!! I was so glad that she didn't get into and spread it all around. I would have cried then. The only thing we can figure is that she had just done it. She knew she was in trouble and ran outside and stayed out there until Matt was done!!!!! So I will be scrubbing the grout on my kitchen floor one night this week. So If anyone knows any solutions besides bleach... Help!!!!


Breann said...

Aren't schnauzers the most curious things?
Wherabouts are you in Oklahoma? My mother lives in Chetopa Kansas, but used to live in Missouri on the Elk Rivier, people in canoes floated right by her house! Joplin is really close to her (45min?) so when you said Joplin my ears perked up!
Thanks for following my blog!

Carrie & Bailey Jai said...

Gotta love nosey little puppies! hahaha