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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Squeeze your boobies!!!!

I changed my layout to pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. So I don't know how many of you know some of my past but at 32 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was just 2 at that time. She fought for four years and lost her battle Feb '88. Since then I have lost my grandmother and my aunt, both on my mom's side. When Matt and I got married (the first time LOL) my aunt was fighting breast cancer and doing some experimental treatments. Almost one month to the date after my wedding she passed away. My mother and aunt were both nurses. They knew what to look for. There had been no family history before my mother of having breast cancer. I always knew that it was something that I would have to deal with but had kinda put it on a back burner. At 21 I basically had to face the fact that I needed to think somewhat about my own mortality. I had just lost my aunt to the same thing that I lost my mother to and decided to not be another statistic. So I do mammograms every year now as a part of my yearly check up. even though it would be cheaper for the insurance to pay for all this and find it early, they refuse to but the cost is worth it.

Last month I went to tulsa to Dr. Lanette Smith and got checked out even better. Lanette Smith is a breast doctor and all the nurses and office help was girls!!! I loved it. I had the consult, they did ultrasound on my right breast and told me to go over to the mammography clinic and to get an ultrasound done NOW. So I did as I was told and got a digital mammogram and then they did ultrasounds. This whole visit took about 5 hours 'cause they were working me in at the clinic for the mammogram. The whole time Matt was back at home, working and about to go crazy. After everything was over they decided to watch everything and that I was to come back and se Dr. Smith in 6 months.

So I guess the moral of this is I know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but it is that way every month for me. I also don't want to lose someone close to me from this. I want to be able to see my babies (when we have them) grow up, play ball, get married and have their own babies. I don't want to leave Matt to try and get through everything all on his own. And I don't want my little girl to break down while trying on wedding dresses like I did, just 'cause my mom wasn't there to help me.

Every year I get closer to 32 I am made more aware that I have to take the inicitive and take care of myself. I just want all my friends to realize the same thing. I do self exams every month around the 16th and if I need to remind everyone I will, just let me know!!! This is the link to cards that show you how to do a BSE.

So Squeeze Those Boobies!!!!

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The Riddle Family said...

My heart goes out to you - I cannot even imagine how awful it must to lose so many of your closest family members to this horrible disease! Thank goodness you are taking the initiative and are taking good care of yourself. And thank you for the reminder!!!