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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Icky Sicky

So I started feeling bad about a month ago. I just wasn't feeling right. Well last Tuesday I went to the AM clinic that we have and got checked out. It only took me 4 different people telling me bout it!!! I went and was told that I had bronchitis and pneumonia and that there was asthma that was brought on by these. so I went to the pharmacy got and inhaler, antibiotics and cough syrup. So I went home and slept and then stayed home as well on Wednesday and slept. On Thursday I came in to work and promptly went home again, since I couldn't catch my breath. I did 2 breathing treatments at Lisa's house an hour apart and still didn't do any better. I went home to take a nap and about an hour later I got a knock on my door and the girls went crazy. Lisa had come to take me to the ER and they took chest x-rays and ended up changing all my medication, (except that wonderful cough syrup) and off I went again to the pharmacy. So yesterday was my first day back to work, I slept my weekend away. So now I am using her nebulizer and doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and trying to get better. I am soooo ready to be back to normal. One of my classes has suffered and I am guessing that I will have to take it again. Linguistics is a class that you have to be there to know what is going on. I have a test tonight but had to miss last week so be praying for me to do okay! If I can pass this class with a "C" I will be estatic!!! So I will have to update you on how I do!!!

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The Riddle Family said...

Oh my gosh, how did your test go? Are you feeling any better? You poor, poor thing! I am sure that Nurse Sasha and Nurse Roxy are taking very good care of you! Hope you are feeling better!