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Friday, September 19, 2008

Triton Team Trail Championship

Matt has a tournament tomorrow and Sunday and is super excited about it. He is in his "game mode" and we are discussing nothing but fishing. It is what we will be living for the next two days. We have been talking about where he is going, what he needs to throw, what he should take, which poles and all that other good stuff. So I will be up tonight, seeing where they are in the take off. They are 67 of 370. Only 270 of the 370 qualified so hopefully they will finish close to the top. I hope they do 'cause they owe me a steak dinner!!! Be thinking of them and help me with the hope that they place high!!!


Tish said...

i hope he catches lots of fishies!!!

yes, we are saving the box tops for gunner's school, so that would be great!

latisha said...

how did the tourney go???