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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School is tiring!!!

So this is my 3rd week of school. Third of 16 weeks. Which leaves 13 weeks left.... I am soooo tired after the 3 weeks. Linguistics is soooo much work and English literature is too but I am loving it all! I am learning that my Wednesday nights are for relaxing at home and going to bed early.

I woke up last night with fur in my face and a wet nose pressed up against mine. Sasha was laying facing me and had her paws on my shoulders and was cuddling with her face against mine. It was soooo cute! I wanted to take a picture but couldn't really do that so you will just have to trust me on how cute it was!

We went out with a friend on Thursday night for her birthday and went casino hopping to get her birthday money (happy birthday again Jess :) ). Well Quapaw had bottomless cups on Thursday nights and I didn't have to work on Friday (vacation!!!) so Matt and I sat in the bar at Quapaw and drank. My problem was that I sat down. Not good. Not good at all. I remember why I had only gotten sick one time before this. You want to die!!!! So Friday was wasted trying to feel better. Sasha and Roxy were wonderful girls though and laid in the bathroom for me and when I was kneeling over the toilet they both were right there with the moral support!!!

Saturday we went to Branson and I stopped by my favorite winery. You should visit their website . I love their wine and make a point to go as often as I can. We buy the wine by the case as well as the grape juice. They have a fake cork with a wick that you put in a wine bottle filled with lamp oil and Voila! you have a fun oil lamp! I will get a picture and put it up to show you. I love it! And you also have the memories with each bottle so it is a sentimental oil lamp! We have tons of fun and although I had to come home early the other girls stayed out until midnight shopping and making me proud!

And speaking of coming home early, Matt and I had tickets for Rodney Carrington. I would pay again to see the man!!! I laughed soooo hard and we had tons of fun!

I have gotten home on Monday and Tuesday nights at midnight so the girls have been laying on the bed until I get home and then move for me when I get home. I was doing homework and they were in the bedroom with Matt and this is what I saw.

To think that in January when we brought Roxy home we weren't sure if the girls would get along or not! They love each other and are so protective of both of us, especially me. I can be trying to do homework and have one on each side of me, having to touch me, wanting to be thisclose. and it is okay as long as I can still type! But knock on our door and they come up off the couch and are going to get you!

Well, I get to go home to tonight and take care of Matt and rest a little bit. With the pollen count up we are both having allergy junk happening and both need some TLC and comfort food I think, and some serious sleep!


Carrie & Bailey Jai said...

I was for sure you would have something in here about what a LOUD and NOISY dinner you had at the Mexican place tonight! LOL

The Riddle Family said...

Well don't Sasha and Roxy just look like 2 peas in a pod! I love it!

Sounds like you are having lots of fun - don't know how you have time for it all! I bow down to you!!!